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Album Reviews 2002-2012: Complete List incl. titles

In 2012 we have been migrating reviews to our Blog format where new album reviews are also posted. 

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3 Legged Dog- Frozen Summer
4Bitten- No More Sins
4Bitten- Delirium
5bridgeS- The Thomas Tracks
10cc- Greatest Hits...And More
12 Stone Toddler- Does It Scare You?
16 Deadly Improvs- The Triumph of the 16 Deadly Improvs
24 Pesos- Busted,Broken & Blue
24 Pesos- When The Ship Goes Down
25 Yard Screamer- Approaching From An Oblique Angle
25 Yard Screamer- Blacklight
25 Yard Screamer- Cassandra
25 Yard Screamer- Until All Are One
30 Odd Foot Of Grunts- Other Ways Of Speaking
69 Chambers- War On The Inside
707 Mega Force
707- The Bridge


A II Z- The Witch of Berkeley Live
A Pale Horse Named Death- And Hell Will Follow Me
Aardvark- Aardvark
Abba- Super Trouper (Deluxe ed.)
Abydos- The Little Boy's Heavy Mental Shadow Opera...
AC/DC- Black Ice
AC/DC- Iron Man 2
Accept- Restless & Wild
Acid Empire- s/t
Acoustic (various)
A.C.T- Last Epic
A.C.T.- Silence
A.C.T.- Reissues
Adam Bomb- Boneyard
Bryan Adams- Anthology
Adrenaline Factor- Adrenaline Factor
The Adventures- Theodore And Friends
Aeon Spoke
Aerosmith- Honkin' On Bobo
Aerosmith- Very Best Of
Aerosmith Tribute- One Way Street
Tamrah Aeryn- Typical Girl
Affinity- Live Instrumentals 1969
Affinity- 1971-1972
Affinity- 65-67
Affinity- Origins: The Baskervilles 1965
Affinity- The Baskervilles Reunion 2011
After Hours- Against The Grain
After The Fire- Live At Greenbelt...Plus
After The Fire- AT2F
Afterhours- Ballads For Little Hyenas
Aftermath- Natural Destruction
Age Of Nemesis- Psychogeist
Agents Of Mercy- The Black Forest
Agents Of The Sun- Monarchs Of A Fallen Society
A-Ha- Foot Of The Mountain
Aiden- Nightmare Anatomy
Aina- Living In A Boy's World
Airbourne- Runnin' Wild
Airbourne- No Guts No Glory
Don Airey- A Light In The Sky
Don Airey- All Out
Airrace- Shaft Of Light
Airtime- Liberty Manifesto
Aisles- In Sudden Walks
Akin- The Way Things End
Jan Akkerman- C.U.
Jan Akkerman- Aranjuez
Jan Akkerman- Minor Details
Jan Akkerman- Talent For Sale
The Alarm- In The Poppyfields
The Alarm- Under Attack
The Alarm- Guerilla Tactics
The Alarm- The Sound And The Fury
Alibi- Voice Of Reason
Albion Band- Various
Albion Dance Band- Dancing Days Are Here Again
Albion Band/Albion Dance Band- Natural And Wild/Rockin' Barn Dance
Roye Albrighton - The Follies of Rupert Treacle
Alcatrazz- The Best Of
Aldo Nova- Blood On The Bricks
Alex Cuba Band- Humo De Tobaco
Alias- Never Say Never
Alias Eye- A Different Point Of You
Alibi- Misdemeanours
Alice Cooper- The Eyes Of
Alice Cooper- Dirty Diamonds
Alice Cooper- Pretties For You/Easy Action
Alice Cooper- Along Came A Spider
Alice Cooper- Reissues
Alice Cooper- Welcome 2 My Nightmare
Alice In Chains- Essential
Alice In Chains- Black Gives Way To Blue
Alien- Dark Eyes
Alien Envoy- Nine Lives
All About Eve- Iceland
All About Eve- Keepsakes
All About Eve- Sixty Minutes with
All Hours- InFlagranteDelicto
Daevid Allen- Good Morning
Verden Allen- My Masochistic Side
Allen Lande- The Revenge
Ed Alleyne-Johnson- Reflections
Alliance- Destination Known
Alliance- Road To Heaven
Bernard Allison- Higher Power
Bernard Allison- Energized
Bernard Allison- Chills & Thrills
Bernard Allison- The Otherside
Luther Allison- Underground
Luther Allison- Songs From The Road
Allman Brothers Band- Live At The Beacon Theatre
Allman Brothers Band- American University 13/12/70
Allman Brothers Band- Eat A Peach (Deluxe Edition)
Allman Brothers Band- Seven Turns
The Almighty- Anth'f***ing'ology
AloneMe- Sketch
Alpha Galates- A Stimulus For Reason
Alquin- Reissues
Altaria- Divinity
Altaria- Divine Invitation
Alter Bridge- Blackbird
Alter Bridge- III
Alter Bridge- Live From Amsterdam (CD/DVD)
Alyson Avenue- Omega
Amazing Rhythm Aces- Live In America 1979
Ambershift- No More Fuss
Ambition- S/T
The New Amen Corner- Live at The Boom Boom Club: Volume One & Two
America- Here And Now
America- Struttin' Our Stuff
American Dog - Red White Black And Blue
American Dog- Hard
American Head Charge- Anything For You
American Heartbreak- The Feeding
American Hollow- Whisper Campaign
Amaseffer- Slaves For Life
Amon Duul- Reissues
Jon Amor- Unknown Soldier
Jon Amor- Stories From The Crooked Room
Tori Amos - Live at Montreux 1991/1992
Amplifier- The Octopus
Anand A Man's Mind
Anathema- Falling Deeper
Ancara- Beyond The Dark
Ancient Grease- Women And Children First
Anderson,Laine & Readman- Three
Ian Anderson- Rupi's Dance
Ian Anderson- Plays The Orchestral Jethro Tull
Jon Anderson- Animation
Jon Anderson- 3 Ships
Jon Anderson- Survival And Other Stories
Rusty Anderson- Until We Meet Again
Andromeda- Originals
Andy Fraser Band- Reissues
Anemo- Slow Burn
Anemo- Stentorian
Anet- Talented Girl
Angel- Live Without A Net
Angel Blake- The Descended
Angel of Eden- The End Of Never
Angel Witch
Angra- Aurora Consurgens
Animal- 900lb. Steam
Animal Alpha- You Pay For The Whole Seat, But You'll Never Need The Edge
Animal Kingdom- Signs And Wonders
Keren Ann- Keren Ann
The Annie Duggan Band- If I Knew Then...
Annica- Badly Dreaming
Annihilator- Metal
Anouschka- My Kind Of Heartbreak
The Answer- Rise
The Answer- Rise (Special Edition)
The Answer- Everyday Demons
The Answer- Revival
Anthrax- Caught In A Mosh/ BBC Live In Concert
Antihero- This Is An Emergency
Anubis Gate - A Perfect Forever
Anvil- Juggernaut Of Justice
Anyone's Daughter- Wrong
A.O.R.- LA Attraction
Apocalyptica- World's Collide
Appearance Of Nothing- Wasted Time
April Maybe May- April Maybe May
April Wine- Reissues
Aqualung- Magnetic North
Arch Enemy- Rise Of The Tyrant
Tasmin Archer- On
Neil Ardley- Kaleidoscope of Rainbows
Arena - Contagion
Arena- Pepper's Ghost
Arena- Marsupilami
Argent- In Deep/Nexus
Finn Arild- England/Blondel
Finn Arild- Testament
Ark- Brainsold
Joan Armatrading- This Charming Life
Joan Armatrading- Live At The Royal Albert Hall
Joan Armatrading- Starlight
Armonight- Suffering And Passion
Arnocorps- The Greatest Band Of All Time
Art Of Infinity- Endless Future
Artension- New Discovery
Artension- Future World
Artery- Into The Garden
Ben Arthur- Promo
Ben Arthur- Edible Darling
Joseph Arthur- Even Tho (CD single)
Joseph Arthur- Our Shadows Will Remain
Joseph Arthur- Nuclear Daydream/Let's Just Be
Arti Mestieri- First Live In Japan
Asa- Beautiful Imperfection
Gwyn Ashton- Prohibition
Gwyn Ashton- Two Man Blues Army
Asia- America - Live In the USA
Asia- Dragon Attack
Asia- Silent Nation
Asia- Archiva I & II
Asia- Definitive Collection
Asia- Live In Nottingham
Asia- Phoenix
Asia- Scandinavia
Asia- Omega
Asia- XXX
Asrai- Touch In The Dark
Astra- From Within
Astral Doors- The Son And The Father
Astral Doors- Evil Is Forever
Astral Doors- New Revelation
At Vance- VII
At Vance- Ride The Sky
Athlete- Singles 01-10
Al Atkins- Heavy Thoughts
Nicole Atkins- Neptune City
Atlanta Rhythm Section- Reissues
Atomic Ants- Keep Cool And Dry
Atomic Rooster - Live At the Marquee 1980
Atomic Rooster- The Best Of (DVD-Audio)
Atomic Rooster- Nice 'n' Greasy
Atomic Rooster
Atomic Rooster- Homework
Atomic Rooster- Anthology 1969-81
Audioslave - Out Of Exile
Audiovision- The Calling
Brian Auger- Reissues
Brian Auger's Oblivion Express- Reissues 2
Kate Aumonier- Here I Am
Aurora K- Eleventh Hour
The Aurora Project- Unspoken Words
Autograph- That's The Stuff
Avantasia- Wicked Symphony/Angel Of Babylon
Average White Band- Live In Montreux 1977
Awake- Illumination
Awesome Color
Axia- Axia
Axxis- Doom Of Destiny
Kevin Ayers- Unfairground
Kevin Ayers- Hyde Park Free Concert 1970
Kevin Ayers- The Confessions of Doctor Dream
Ayreon- The Human Equation
Ayreon- 01011001


The Babys- Live In America
The Babys- Reissues
Babyshambles- Back to the Bus - What Goes On Tour Stays On Tour
Max Bacon - From The Banks Of The River Irwell
Alex Bach- 3-track promo
Randy Bachman- Survivor
Bachman & Turner- Bachman & Turner
Bachman Turner- Live At Rosewood Ballroom,NYC
Bad Company- Live 1976
Bad Company- Live At Wembley
Bad Habit - Hear-Say
Bad Habit- Above And Beyond
Badfinger- Day After Day
Badly Drawn Boy- Born In The UK
Joan Baez- Day After Tomorrow
Bai Bang- Are You Ready
Dan Baird & The Homemade Sin- Fresh Outta Georgia: Live Like A Satellite
Dan Baird & The Homemade Sin- Dan Baird & The Homemade Sin
Baker Gurvitz Army- Reissues
Baltimoore- Kaleidoscope
Baltimoore- X
Band Of Joy
Band of Joy- 24K
Bango Tango- Rockers And Thieves
Jill Barber- For All Time
Barclay James Harvest- Live
Barclay James Harvest- Live Tapes
Gary Barden- The Agony & The Xtasy
Gary Barden- Rock 'N Roll My Soul
Pete Bardens- Big Sky
Philip Bardowell - In The Cut
Martin Barre- Stage Left
Jock Bartley- Blindside
The Baseballs- Strike
Basilica- Sins Of The Flesh
Bat For Lashes- Two Suns
Beach Boys- Sights & Sounds of Summer
Beach Boys- Pet Sounds (40th Anniversary)
Jean Beauvoir- Chameleon
Bearded Lady- The Rise And Fall
Beardfish- Sleeping In Traffic Pt 1
Rikk Beatty Band- No Vocals Allowed
Beautiful Creatures- Deuce
Beautiful Sin- The Unexpected
Beck- Girl (CD single)
Jeff Beck- Performing This Week
Jeff Beck- Emotion And Commotion
Robin Beck- Do You Miss Me
Robin Beck- Livin On A Dream
Robin Beck- The Great Escape
Walter Becker- Circus Money
Bee Gees- Greatest Hits
The Beef- Here's The Beef
Beezewax- Who To Salute
Beggar Joe- Beggar Joe
Beggars Opera- Lose A Life
Behemoth- Chaotica
Joe Beier- Joe Beier
Adrian Belew - Lone Rhino/ Twang Bar King
The Believers- Lucky You
Ella Bell - Drink To Love
Eric Bell- Irish Boy
Maggie Bell- Live Boston USA 1975
Maggie Bell- The River Sessions
Maggie Bell- Queen Of The Night
Maggie Bell- Suicide Sal
George Bellas- Venomous Fingers
Lucinda Belle Orchestra- My Voice & 45 Strings
Bellowhead- Matachin
Ben Reel Band- New Horizon
Pat Benatar- Greatest Hits Live
Benedictum- Uncreation
Bendictum- Seasons Of Tragedy
Jay Bennett- The Magnificent Defeat
Johnny Bennett- Blurred Lines
Robert Berry- The Dividing Line
Between The Buried And Me- The Silent Circus
Beulah - Mabel And I
Beyond Reasonable Doubt
Kuljit Bhamra & Shan Chana - Himalaya Dawn
Eric Bibb- Diamond Days
Eric Bibb- Get Onboard
Biffy Clyro- Puzzle
Big Big Train- The Difference Machine
Big Big Train- The Underfall Yard
Big Boy Pete- The Perennial Enigma
Big Brother & The Holding Co - Do What You Love
Big Country- The Ultimate Collection
Big Country- Driving To Damascus
Big Head Todd & The MonstersCrimes Of Passion (DVD-Audio)
Big Linda- I Loved You
Big Sleep- Bluebell Highway
Big Star - In Space
Big Star- Reissues
Big Strides - Cry It All Out
Bill Bourne & The Free Radio Band- Bluesland
Billy Walton Band- Neon City
Billy Walton Band- Crank It Up!
Diane Birch- Bible Belt
Bird - The Insides
Wallis Bird- New Boots
Wallis Bird- Wallis Bird
Jon Thor Birgisson and Alex Somers- Riceboy Sleeps
Elvin Bishop- The Blues Rolls On
Biss - Face Off
Biss - X-Tension
Bitchfire- Bitchfire
Bitches Sin- The First Temptation
Bitches Sin- The Rapture
Black - Between Two Churches
Gus Black- Uncivilized Love (DVD-Audio)
Mary Black- Stories From The Steeples
Black Bart- Black Bart
Black Bonzo- Sound Of The Apocalypse
Black Helicopter- Invisible Jet
Black # 5- The Station EP
Black # 5- Nine Floors High EP
Black 'N' Blue- Hell Yeah!
Black Country Communion- Black Country
Black Country Communion- 2
Black Country Communion- Afterglow
Black Crowes- Warpaint
Black Francis- Nonstoperotik
Black John- The Soul of John Black
Black Label Society- Hangover Music Vol.VI
Black Label Society- Kings Of Damnation
Black Label Society- Reissues
Black Mountain- Wilderness Heart
Black Oak Arkansas- 10 Years Overnight Success
Black On Black- Robert Johnson's Door
Black Roots- On The Ground
Black Sabbath- Paranoid (Deluxe Edition)
Black Sabbath- Reissues
Black Sabbath- Reissues 2
Black Sabbath- Dehumanizer
Black Sabbath- Born Again
Black Widow- Live
Black Widow- Sleeping With Demons
Blackfield- II
Blackfield- Welcome To My DNA
Blackjack- Anthology
Blackmore's Night- Past Times With Good Company
JR Blackmore- Between Darkness And Light
JR Blackmore- Still Holding On
Blackmore's Night- The Village Lanterne
Blackmore's Night- Secret Voyage
Various- Blackmore's Castle Volume II
Blackwood Creek- Blackwood Creek
Andy Blade- Treasure Here
Tara Blaise- Dancing On Tables Barefoot
Blame Sally- Speeding Ticket And A Valentine
Blame Sally- Live At KVIE Studios
Blanc Faces- Falling From The Moon
Blasdead- Ground Flare
Blaze- As Live As It Gets
Blaze- Blood And Belief
Blaze Bayley- The Man Who Would Not Die
Blaze Bayley- Promise And Terror
Blind Alley- Infinity Ends
Blind Alley- Destination Destiny
Blind Guardian- A Twist In The Myth
Blindside- The Great Depression
The Blizzards- Domino Effect
Rory Block- The Lady and Mr Johnson
Blondie- The Curse of Blondie
Blondie- Greatest Hits (CD/DVD)
Blondie- Eat To The Beat
Blondie- Parallel Lines
Blondie- At The BBC
Bloodbound- Book Of The Dead
Bloodhound Gang- Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo (CD single)
The Bloodline- Where Lost Souls Dwell
Blue Aeroplanes- Swagger Deluxe
Blue Aeroplanes- Altitude
Blue Eyed Shark Experiment- The Fluffer
Blue Oyster Cult- A Long Day's Night (CD/DVD)
Blue Oyster Cult- Singles Collection
Blue Oyster Cult- Live In America
Blue Tears- Dancin' On The Back Streets
Blue Tears- The Innocent Ones
The Blue Van- Love Shot
Blues Band- These Kind Of Blues
Blues Band- Few Short Lines
Blues Caravan (Aynsley Lister,Erja Lyytinen,Ian Parker)- Pilgrimage
Blues Caravan 2 (Candye Kane,Danni Wilde,Deborah Coleman) Various- This Is Blues Vol3/4
Blues Meet Rock- Volume VI
Blues Meets Rock- Volume VII
Blues Mix- Biding My Time
Blues Project- Lazarus/Blues Project
Various- Blues Rock
Blues Traveler- Truth Be Told (DVD-Audio)
Blues Traveler- Bastardos!
Bluesmasters- featuring Mickey Thomas
The Bluetones- The Bluetones Collection
Colin Blunstone- The Ghost Of You And Me
Colin Blunstone/Rod Argent- Live At The Bloomsbury Theatre
Tomas Bodin- Pinup Guru
Tomas Bodin- Sonic Boulevard
Tomas Bodin - IAM
Body Count- Murder 4 Hire
Bohica- Written Ignition
Tommy Bolin- Bolin
Tommy Bolin- Whips And Roses I
Tommy Bolin Whips And Roses II
Tommy Bolin & Friends- Great Gypsy Soul
Bon Jovi- Bounce
Bon Jovi- Lost Highway
Various- Tribute to Bon Jovi
Joe Bonamassa- Had To Cry Today
Joe Bonamassa- A New Day Yesterday
Joe Bonamassa- You And Me
Joe Bonamassa- Sloe Gin
Joe Bonamassa- Live From Nowhere In Particular
Joe Bonamassa- The Ballad of John Henry
Joe Bonamassa- Black Rock
Joe Bonamassa- Dust Bowl
Joe Bonamssa- Driving Towards The Daylight
Joe Bonamassa- Beacon Theatre - Live From New York
See also Beth Hart, Black Country Communion
Grahame Bond- Love Is The Law/Mighty
Boned- Up At The Crack
Bonfire- Double X
Bonfire- The Rauber
Deborah Bonham- Duchess
Tracy Bonham- Blink The Brightest
Tracy Bonham- Masts Of Manhattan
Bonnaroo Festival
Graham Bonnet Line Up
Bonzo Dog Band- Reissues
Boobs- The Junkshop Glam Discotheque
Book Reflections- Chapter II: Unfold The Future
Michael Bormann- Capture The Moment
Michael Bormann- Different
Born A Lion- John Captain
Lars Boutrup- Music for Keyboards
Lars Boutrup- The Symphonic Dream
Dennis Bovell- All Over The World
Bow Wow- Reissues
Bowes Morley- Mo's Barbecue
Angie Bowie Moon Goddess
David Bowie- Platinum Collection
David Bowie- Young Americans
David Bowie- The Best Of 1980/1987
David Bowie- The Buddha of Suburbia
David Bowie- Live In Santa Monica '72
David Bowie- Storytellers
David Bowie- Station To Station Deluxe
Andy Bown- Unfinished Business
Jimmy Bowskill- Live
The Boxer Rebellion- Union
Terry Bozzio Prime Cuts
David Bradley- Songs From A Dirt Road
Brain Surgeons- Black Hearts Of Soul
Brainticket- The Vintage Anthology 1971-1980
Chris Bramble- For Those With Eyes To See
Brazen Abbot- A Decade Of
Brazen Abbot - My Resurrection
Breathing Space- Coming Up For Air
Breed 77- La Ultima Hora (The Final Hour)
Breed 77- Cultura
Breed 77- In My Blood
The Brew- The Third Floor
Brian Setzer Orchestra- Dig That Crazy Christmas
Brides Of Destruction- Here Come The Brides
Brides Of Destruction- Here Come The Brides (DVD-Audio)
Brinsley Schwarz- Reissues
Britny Fox- Reissues
Broadcast- The Future Crayon
Dave Brock & The Agents Of Chaos- The Agents Of Chaos
Broken English- The Rough With The Smooth
Broken Home- Life
Broken Teeth- Guilty Pleasure
Del Bromham- Devil's Highway
Thomas Bromley - Standing Strong (CD single)
Thomas Bromley- Two Nine Five
Brookville- Life In The Shade
Brother Firetribe- False Metal
Brother Firetribe- Break Out
Brothers Reid- Top Of The Old Road
Crazy World of Arthur Brown- Vampire Suite
Arthur Brown Kingdom Come- Arthur Brown Kingdom Come
Arthur Brown Kingdom Come- Journey
Buster Brown- Something To Say
Chris Brown- Now That You're Fed
Oli Brown- Open Road
Oli Brown- Heads I Win Tails You Lose
Oli Brown- Here I Am
Pete Brown- Live
Pete Brown- Living Life Backwards (Best of)
Jackson Browne- Running On Empty
Bob Brozman- Blues Reflex
Bob Brozman- Post Industrial Blues
Jack Bruce- Live In America
Jack Bruce & The Cuicoland Express- Live At The Milky Way
Jack Bruce & Robin Trower - Seven Moons
Jack Bruce & Robin Trower- Seven Moons Live
Michael Bruce- Halo Of Ice
Michael Bruce- Be Your Lover: Anthology
Brunorock- Interaction
Nell Bryden- Second Time Around
Buchanan- Suit Of Lights
Margo Buchanan- I Should've Done This Years Ago
Buckcherry- 15
Bucket & Co- Guitars, Beers & Tears
Lindsey Buckingham- Seeds We Sow
Jeff Buckley- So Real
Buddahead- Crossing The Invisible Line
Budgie- Reissues
Buffalo- Reissues
Jimmy Buffett- Live At Fenway Park
Bullet For My Valentine- Poison
Bungalow Zenn- Misty California (demo)
Bungalow Zenn- Let It Rain (CD single)
Bungalow Zen- Word Of Mouth (CD single)
Michael 'Iron Man' Burks- Show Of Strength
T Bone Burnett- The True False Identity
Burn- Global Warning
Burning Point- Burned Down The Enemy
Burns Blue- What If
The Burns Unit- Side Show
Glen Burtnik- Welcome To Hollywood
Kate Bush- Aerial
Kate Bush- 50 Words For Snow
Stan Bush- In This Life
Stan Bush- Dream The Dream
Stan Bush- Reissues
James Byrd's Atlantis Rising- Crimes Of Virtuosity
David Byron- Man Of Yesterday - The Anthology
Byron Band Lost And Found
Byzantine- And They Shall Take Up Serpents


Cactus- V
Cadillac- Wilder Than This
Chris Caffery- Pins & Needles
Cage- Hell Destroyer
Cake Sale
JJ Cale- Roll On
John Cale- Circus Live
ccalam- Watch
California Guitar Trio- CG3+2
California Guitar Trio- A Christmas Album
California Guitar Trio- The First Decade
Calusari - Pouted Lips and a Powdered Nose (CD single)
Robert Calvert & Maximum Effect- Live At The Stars'n'Stripes
Camel- The Snow Goose
Camel- Moonmadness
Camel- Breathless
Camel- Rainbow's End (Anthology)
Paul Camilleri- Another Sad Goodbye
Glen Campbell- Meet Glen Campbell
Jimmy Campbell- Reissues
Jimmy Campbell- Live 1977
Candlemass- The Curse Of Candlemass: Live In Stockholm 2003
Cans Beyond The Gates
Candyheads- Go Forth And Multiply
Canned Heat- The Boogie Tapes Vol.2
Canned Heat- Instrumentals 1967-1976
Canned Heat- The Boogie Tapes Vol.3
Canned Heat- Live At Montreux 1973
Various- Dear Mr Fantasy A Celebration for Jim Capaldi
Capercaillie- Choice Language
Captain- This Is Hazelville
Captain Beefheart- Reissues
Captain Beefheart- Electricity
Caravan- Live In 1974
The Cardigans- The Best Of
Frank Carducci- Oddity
Tony Carey- Island & Deserts/1931
Carl Verheyen Band- Take One Step
Belinda Carlisle- Voila
Carlo Little Allstars- Never Stop Rockin'
Patrik Carlsson- Melodic Travel
Carmen- Fandangos In Space/Dancing On A Cold Wind
Carmen- The Gypsies/Widescreen
Carmine Appice Project- Ultimate Guitar Zeus
Paul Carrack- I Know That Name
Paul Carrack- A Different Hat
Paul Carrack- Good Feeling
Marc Carroll- Dust Of Rumour
Paul Casey- Big World
Cast- The BBC Sessions
Tommy Castro- True Believer
The Cat Empire- Cinema
Chris Catena- Freak Out
Chris Catena- Discovery
Bob Catley- When Empires Burn
Bob Catley- Spirit Of Man
Bob Catley- Immortal
Susan Cattaneo- Heaven To Heartache
Colosseum- Little Big Sky
Cavalier King- Sun Revolutions
Various- Cave Of Clear Light
Various- The Cavern The Most Famous Club in the World
Cavier- The Thin Mercury Sound
Celilo- Bending Mirrors
Celtic Frost- Monotheist
Celtus- Moonchild
Central Park- Reflected
Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats- Meet The Meatbats
Chamberlain- Exit 263
Guy Chambers & Sophie Hunter- The Isis Project
Michael Chapman- Growing Pains 3
Roger Chapman- Family & Friends
Roger Chapman- Roger Chapman's Riff Burglars
Roger Chapman- Techno-Prisoners
Roger Chapman- The Shadow Knows
Roger Chapman- Mail Order Magic/Mango Crazy
Roger Chapman- He Was She Was You Was We Was
Roger Chapman- The Loft Tapes, Vols 1-3
Roger Chapman- The Loft Tapes, Vol 4
Roger Chapman- One More Time For Peace
Tracy Chapman- Our Bright Future
Chariot- What Goes Around
The Charlatans- Forever - The Singles
Charlotte- Medusa Groove
Manny Charlton- Say The Word
Manny Charlton- Sharp
Cheerleader- Vegas Or Bust
The Chelsea Smiles- The Chelsea Smiles
Cherry Ghost- Thirst For Romance
Chicago- XXX
Chicago- XXXII: Stone Of Sisyphus
Various- Chicago Blues Reunion
Chickenfoot- Chickenfoot
Chickenfoot- Chickenfoot (Deluxe Limited Ed)
Chickenfoot- III
Chickenhawk- Modern Bodies
China Blue- Twilight Of Destiny
Chris Duarte Group- Blues Velocity
Chris Duarte Group- Vantage Point
Chris Duarte & Bluestone Co- 396
Cholfo- Inquietudes
Chris Norman Band- One Acoustic Evening
Anders Chriss- Volatility
Jeff Christie- Outer Limits/Floored Masters
Chroma Key- Graveyard Mountain Home
Popa Chubby- Best Of
Popa Chubby- Stealing The Devil's Guitar
Popa Chubby- Deliveries After Dark
Popa Chubby- The Fight Is On
Chuck Jackson's Blues Band- A Cup Of Joe
Chungking- Stay Up Forever
J C Cinel- Before My Eyes
Cinqui- A Long Way To Go
Circle II Circle- Burden Of Truth
Circle II Circle- Delusions Of Grandeur
Circle of Pain- Classic Live Tunes
Circular Logik- One
Circus Maximus- The 1st Chapter
Circus Maximus- Isolate
Circus Maximus- Nine
Circus Of Power- Circus Of Power
Citriniti- Between The Music Latitude
CJSS- 2-4-1 (World Gone Mad / Praise The Loud)
Eric Clapton Me And Mr Johnson
Angus Clark- Your Last Battlefield
Eddie Clarke- Anthology
Gilby Clarke- Gilby Clarke
Mark Clarke- Moving To The Moon
The Clash- Live At Shea Stadium
Class Of Zero Nothing Will Survive
Classic Rock- Inside The Music (sampler)
Jon Cleary- Mo Hippa
Rod Clements- Odd Man Out
Closedown- Deflexion And Polarities
Cloud Room- Cloud Room
Cloven Hoof - Eye Of The Sun
Clown Eraser- Demo
Clutch Blast Tyrant
Clutch- Robot Hive/Exodus
Cob- Moyshe McStiff And The Tartan Lancers of The Sacred Heart
Cobra- First Strike
Bruce Cockburn- Small Source Of Comfort
Code- The Enemy Within
The Codex
Marcel Coenen- Colour Journey
Coldspell- Out From The Cold
Edwyn Collins- Home Again
The Colourphonics- The Colourphonics
Colorpool- Drift Away
Colosseum- Live Cologne 1994
Colosseum- Reissues
Colosseum- Live 05
Colosseum- The Grass Is Greener
Coma Star- Headroom of Conscience
The Concretes- In Colour
Condition Red- II
Coney Hatch
Conflux- Spark
Conner- Hello Graphic Missile
Consortium- Rebirth
Consortium Project IV- Children Of Tomorrow
Constancia- Lost And Gone
Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth- Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth
Shemekia Copeland- Deluxe Edition
The Coral- Roots & Echoes
Coralspin- Honey And Lava
Phil Cordell- Hearts On Fire Anthology
Core Of Nation- Machine World
Cork- Out There
Cornerstone- Once Upon Our Yesterdays
Chris Corney- Airways Mansions
Hugh Cornwell- Beyond Elysian Fields
Coronatus- Lux Noctis
The Corrs- Home
The Corrs- The Ultimate Collection
Larry Coryell- Earthquake at the Avalon
Cosmic Rough Riders- Too Close To See Far
Cosmo- Alien
Matt Costa- Unfamiliar Faces
Coste Apetrea- Rites Of Passage
Kevin Costner & Modern West- From Where I Stand
The Cotton Soeterboek Band- Twisted
James Cotton- Giant
Countermine- Smallest Fears
Countermine- Letters
Jude Cowan- Doodlebug Alley
Doug Cowen & The Basics- Rockin' Town
Crane- The Fall Of Time
Ben Craven- Great & Terrible Potions
The Crawdaddy- Nice Bones
Crawler- Roots Chapter 1
Robert Cray- Live At The BBC
Robert Cray Band- Nothin But Love
Credo- Rhetoric
Creedence Clearwater Revival- Rock Legends
The Creek- The Creek/Storm The Gate
Marshall Crenshaw From The Front Row - Live
Cressida- Cressida/Asylum
The Cribs The New Fellas
The Crickets The Crickets And Their Buddies
Crimes Of Passion- Crimes Of Passion
Crimson Fire
Dan Crisp- Far From Here
Laura Critchley- Sometimes I
Cronos- Hell To The Unknown
Crosby Loggins & The Light- We All Go Home
Crosby Stills & Nash- Reissues
Crosby Stills & Nash- Demos
David Cross - Closer Than Skin
David Cross and Andrew Keeling- English Sun
Sheryl Crow- Hits & Rarities
Crown Of Glory- A Deep Breath Of Life
Crown Of Thorns- Karma Voodoo
Crucified Barbara- In Distortion We Trust
Crush 40- Frontiers
Cry Havoc- Fuel That Feeds The Fire
Cry Havoc- Live, Raw and In Your Face
Cry Havoc- Refuel/Live At The Cathouse
Cryonic Temple- Immortal
Cryptic Vision- In A World
Cryptic Vision- Of Infinite Possibilities
Kacey Cubero- Fill Your Cup
Cuddly Shark- Cuddly Shark
Curly Smith- Rough House
Billy Currie- Sixty Minutes With
Cherie Currie- Beauty's Only Skin Deep
Crippled Black Phoenix- (Mankind) the Crafty Ape
The Cursed- Room Full Of Sinners
Curved Air- Live
Curved Air- Retrospective
Billy Ray Cyrus- Wanna Be Your Joe
Billy Ray Cyrus- Back To Tennessee


The D Project- Big Face
Mike d'Abo- Hidden Gems & Treasured Friends
Marybeth D'Amico- Heaven,Hell,Sin And Redemption
Marybeth D'Amico- The Light Inside
Da Vinci- Back In Business
Dacia & The WMD
Daedalus- The Never Ending Illusion
Kimberley Dahme- Can't A Girl Change Her Mind?
Roger Daltrey Moonlighting - The Anthology
Damageplan- New Found Power
Dame Fortune- The Secret Art
The Damned- Final Damnation
The Damned- Damned Damned Damned
The Damned- The Punk Generation
The Damned- So Who's Paranoid?
The Damned- Reissues
Danger Danger- Revolve
Dangerous Toys- Reissues
Rick Danko- Live
Rick Danko- Live Anthology
Danny And The Champions Of The World- Hearts & Arrows
Danny Bryant's Redeyeband- Black and White
Danny Bryant's Redeyeband- Just As I Am
Danny Bryant's Redeyeband- Nightlife: Live In Holland
Danny Danzi- Danziland
Dante Fox- Under The Seven Skies
Danzig- Circle Of Snakes
Dare- The Power Of Nature
Dare- Arc Of The Dawn
Dark Sky- Living And Dying
Darker My Love- Alive As You Are
Darkwater- Calling The Earth To Witness
The Darkness- Growing On You (CD single)
The Darkness- Permission To Land
The Darkness- One Way Ticket To Hell...and Back
Darling Buds- Pop Said
Darren Smith Band- Keep The Spirit Alive
Darryl Way's Wolf- Reissues
Martin Darvill- Greatest Show On Earth
Daryl Hall & John Oates Our Kind Of Soul
Daryl Hall & John Oates I'll Be Around (single)
Daryl Hall & John Oates- The Atlantic Albums
The Datsuns- Head Stunts
David Becker Tribune Germerica (DVD-Audio)
David Shankle Group- Ashes To Ashes
Dave Davies- Bug
Dave Davies- Transformation
Dave Jackson Band- djb
Dave Matthews Band- Lucca,Italy
Dave Rich Band- Overload
Dawn Of Silence - Moment Of Weakness
Daydreamer- Daydreamer
Daylight Robbery- Cross Your Heart...And Hope To Die
Days Between Stations- Days Between Stations
De Gladas Kapell- Spelar Nilsson
De Staat- Machinery
Deacon Blue- Singles
Deacon Blue- Live
Deacon Street Project
Dead Letter Circus- This Is The Warning
Dead Letter Office- Complications
Deadline- Take Me Back
Deaf Havana- Meet Me Halfway
Joanna Dean- Misbehavin'
The Deceived- Monuments
Deceiver- Riding With The Reaper
December Wind- Second Wind
Decoy- Call Of The Wind
Deep Purple- Early Years
Deep Purple- Burn
Deep Purple- Live Stockholm 1970
Deep Purple- Rapture Of The Deep
Deep Purple- Ultra Selection
Deep Purple- Live In Europe 1993
Deep Purple- Live In London
Deep Purple- Stormbringer
Deep Purple- Singles & EP Anthology 68-80
Deep Purple- Come Taste The Band (35th Anniversary ed.)
Deep Purple- Phoenix Rising
Deep Purple- Live At Montreux 2011
Deep Purple- Total Abandon
Various- Remachined: A Tribute To Deep Purple's Machine Head
Def Leppard- Yeah!
Def Leppard- Hysteria (Deluxe ed)
Def Leppard- Songs From The Sparkle Lounge
Def Leppard- Mirrorball Live & More
Delain- April Rain
Delain- We Are The Others
Delany- Blaze And Ashes
Various- The Delerium Records Story
Deleyaman- 00/01
Delirious- The Mission Bell
Delp & Goudreau
Delta- The Life And Times Of Jim Vallie And Sweet Rosalyn
Demians Building- An Empire
Demon- Very Best Of
Demon Drive- Four Play!
Derek And The Dominos- Layla (Deluxe Edition)
See also Clapton, Eric
Rick Derringer- Live At Cheyney Hall
Rick Derringer- Reissues
Rick Derringer- Knighted By The Blues
Willy DeVille- Crow Jane Alley
Willy DeVille- The Best Of Live
Various- The Devil's Rejects (OST)
Departure- Corporate Wheel
Depeche Mode- Some Great Reward
Desperado- Ace
Destiny- Future Of The Past
Krista Detor- Mudshow
Devil To Pay- Thirty Pieces Of Silver
Devil's Slingshot- Clinophobia
Devil's Train- Devil's Train
Devo- Something For Everybody
Devon Allman's Honeytribe- Torch
Devon Allman's Honeytribe- Space Age Blues
Dezperadoz- The Legend And The Truth
DFA- Kaleidoscope

Jim Diamond- Sugarolly Days
Diamond Dogs- Bound To Revenge
Diamond Dogs- Up The Rock
Diamond Head- All Will Be Revealed
Diamond Head- What's In Your Head
Diamond Head- The MCA Years
Dicken- From Mr Big to Broken Home and Back 1977-2007
Bruce Dickinson- Balls To Picasso
Bruce Dickinson- Tyranny Of Souls
Bruce Dickinson- Reissues
Rob Dickinson- Fresh Wine For The Horses
Tina Dico- Count To Ten
Die So Fluid- Spawn Of Dysfunction (CD single)
Die So Fluid- The World Is Too Big For One Lifetime
Diesel Park West- Damned Anthems
Dimension X- Implications Of A Genetic Defense
Dimitri- Natural High
Dio- Killing The Dragon
Dio- Master Of The Moon
Dio- Evil Or Divine
Dio- Holy Diver
Dio- Holy Diver Live
Dio- At Donington UK
Dio- Mightier Than The Sword
Direction- Est
Dirty Looks- Slave To The Machine
Dirty Rig- Rock Did It
Dirty Strangers- West 12 To Wittering (Another West Side Story)
Dishwalla- Opaline
Disincarnate- Dreams of the Carrion Kind
Divide- Liquid Mirrors/Redrawn
Divinefire- Glory Thy Name
Divinefire- Hero
Diving For Pearls - Texas
Diving For Pearls
Do Miss America- Songs From Desire Avenue
Doc Holliday- Good Time Music
Kieran Docherty- Expectations
Doghouse Roses- This Broken Key
Dogpound- III
Dogs d'Amour- Best Of 83-93
Dokken- Hell To Pay
Dokken- Change The World
Dokken- From Conception Live 1981
Dokken- Lightning Strikes Again
The Doits This Is Rocket Science
Giani Rojatti Dolcetti- Metallo Beat
Dominici- 03 A Trilogy Part 2
Dominici- 03 A Trilogy Part 3
Tim Donahue- Madmen And Sinners
Lonnie Donegan- Just About As Good As It Gets
Donovan- Beat Cafe
Donovan- Reissues
Donovan- Sunshine Superman (Best of)
Doobie Brothers - Very Best Of
Doobie Brothers- World Gone Crazy
The Doors- Perceptions
The Doors- Live At The Matrix
Charlie Dore- Where To Now?
Doro- Fight
Doro- Warrior Soul
Doro- Fear No Evil
Double Cross- Time After Time
Double Eclipse- Eloquent Face Down
Doug Varty Band- Feel Free
Tom Doughty- Running Free
Downchild- I Need A Hat
Geoff Downes- Shadows And Reflections
Geoff Downes- The Light Program
Dr Feelgood - Down By The Jetty
Dr Hook- Hits And History
Dr Hook- Live In America
Dr John- Tribal
Dragonforce- Sonic Firestorm
Dragonlord- Black Wings Of Destiny
Nick Drake- Family Tree
Draven- Eden
Dream Aria
The Dreamside- Lunar Nature
Dreamtide- Dreams For The Daring
Dream Evil- The Book Of Heavy Metal
Dream Theater- Live At The Budokan
Dream Theater- Greatest Hit
Dream Theater- Black Clouds & Silver Linings
Dreaming Tree- Grafting Lines And Spreading Rumours
Dreaming Tree- Progress Has No Patience
Drive Faster- Frame Of Mind
Dropkick Murphys- Live On Lansdowne Boston MA
Druckfarben- Druckfarben
Various- Drumnation
Drunk Horse- In Tongues
Chris Duarte- Infinite Energy
Kevin DuBrow- In For The Kill
Ducks Deluxe- The John Peel Sessions
Duff McKagan's Loaded- Sick
Duff McKagan's Loaded- The Taking
Duff McKagan's Loaded- Sick (Deluxe ed.)
The Duke- My Kung Fu Is Good
The Duke & The King- Long Live The Duke & The King
The Duke Spirit- Dark Is Light (CD single)
Jan Dumee- Rio On The Rocks
The Dunes- Socializing With Life
The Dunwells- Blind Sighted Faith
Robbie Dupree - Time And Tide
Duran Duran- Reissues
Judy Dyble- Enchanted Garden
Omar Kent Dykes- Big Town Playboy
Bob Dylan- Dylan
Dynamic Lights- Shape
Dynazty- Bring The Thunder


The Eagles- Long Road Out Of Eden
Earl Scruggs Revue- Anniversary Special Vols 1 & 2
Earl Slick- Zig Zag
Earl Slick- Reissues
Steve Earle- Live At Montreux
Early November- The Mother,The Mechanic and The Path
Earth & Fire- Reissues
Earth Justice- Where We Live
Earthprayer- Nine Days
Echo Hunters- Cabin Fever
Echo Us- Tomorrow Will tell The Story
Ecki- Mono
Eclipse- Second To None
Eclipse- Are You Ready To Rock
Eden- Open Minds
Eden- Oblivion
Eden Maine- To You The First Star
Eden's Curse
Eden's Curse- The Second Coming
Eden's Curse- Trinity
Edenbridge- My Earth Dream
Edensong- The Fruit Fallen
Edgar Broughton Band- Reissues
Edgar Broughton Band- Reissues 2
Edgar Broughton Band- The Harvest Years 1969-1973
Edge Of Forever- Let The Demon Rock & Roll
Edge Of Forever- Another Paradise
Edguy- Hellfire Club
Edison's Children- In The Last Waking Moments
Edward Box- Moonfudge
Eidolon- The Parallel Otherworld
Eisley- Combinations
Eg- Adventure Man
Walter Egan- The Collection
Egg- The Civil Surface

Egg- Reissues
Egypt- Blues Kerosene
Electric Earth- Volume 2 Words Unspoken
Electric Mary- Down To The Bone
Electric Outlet- Oh!
Electric Six- I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me...
Electronic- Get The Message The Best Of
Elektradrive- Living 4
Elena- Glimpse
Elias Hulk- Unchained
Louis Eliot- The Long Way Round
Ellenby- All You Need To Know
Rory Ellis- Perfectly Damaged
Steve Ellis- A Sort Of Innocence
Andy Ellison- Cornflake 200
Electric Light Orchestra - Best Of
ELO- The Harvest Years 1970-73
ELO- Remasters
ELO- Out Of The Blue
ELO- Balance Of Power
Eloah- The Art Of Loving
ELP- The Ultimate Collection
ELP- In The Hot Seat/Then & Now
Embrace- Dry Kids (B-Sides 1997-2005)
Embryo- Rocksession
Emerald Sun- Regeneration
Keith Emerson/The Nice- Vivacitas Live In Glasgow 2002
Keith Emerson- Anthology
Keith Emerson- Off The Shelf
Keith Emerson- Moscow
Emerson Lake & Palmer- Reissues
Emigrate- Emigrate
Stephen Emmer- Recitement
Empire- Trading Souls

Empire- Leeches
Empire- Hypnotica
Empire- Chasing Shadows
Various- Empire Thunder - A NWoBHM Compilation
Empty Tremor The Alien Inside
Enchant- Blink Of An Eye
Enchant- Tug Of War
Thorbjorn Englund- Influences
Enigma- A Posteriori
Brian Eno/David Byrne- My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts
John Entwistle- So Where's The Bass Player?
Enuff Z Nuff- Welcome To The Blue Island
Enuff Z Nuff- Favorites
Enuff Z Nuff- ?
Enuff Z Nuff - One More For The Road
Enzign- Cast The First Stone
Epica- We Will Take You With Us
Epica- The Divine Conspiracy
Episode Six- Love,Hate,Revenge
Epitaph- Return To Reality
Roky Erickson- Anthology
Roky Erickson - Reissues
Erika- Cold Winter Night
Erika- In The Arms Of A Stranger
Error Head- Modern Hippie
Rick Estrin And The Nightcats- One Wrong Turn
Melissa Etheridge- Fearless Love
Europe- Secret Society
Europe- Dalhalla Downloads 07
Europe- Almost Unplugged
Europe- Last Look At Eden
Europe- Out Of This World/Prisoners In Paradise
Europe- Live At Shepherd's Bush, London
Europe- Bag Of Bones
Eurythmics- Ultimate Collection/Boxed
Eurythmics- Remasters
Evanescence- Evanescence
Evenrude- One Size Fits All
EverBlue- EverBlue
Everclear- The Vegas Years
Evergrey- Recreation Day
Evergrey The Inner Circle
Evergrey- Live A Night To Remember
Everon- North
Every Mother's Nightmare- Live Songs From Somewhere
Everybody Was in the French Resistance Now!- Fixin' The Charts Vol.One
Evidence One- The Sky Is The Limit
Evil Masquerade- Welcome To The Show
Evil Masquerade- Third Act
Evil Masquerade- Fade To Black
Ex-Wise Heads- Holding Up The Sky
Excalion- Primal Exhale
Exciter- Better Live Than Dead
Exit Ten- Remember The Day
Exoterik- Butterfly In Your Hand
The Explosion- Here I Am (CD single)
Ezio- Live Cambridge


Fabrizio Leo- Cutaway
Face Dancer- This World
Faceshift- Reconcile
Donald Fagen- Morph The Cat
Donald Fagen/Walter Becker- You Gotta Walk It Like You Talk It
Fahrenheit- Chain Reaction
Fair Warning- Brother's Keeper
Fair Warning
Fair Warning- Aura
Fairport Convention- Close To The Wind (DVD-Audio)
Fairport Convention- Before The Moon
Fairport Convention- Over The Next Hill
Fairport Convention- Live At The BBC
Fairweather- Beginning From An End
Faith and Fire- Accelerator
Faith No More - Platinum Collection
Marianne Faithfull- Easy Come Easy Go
Marianne Faithfull- Horses And High Heels
Fake Exterior- Bad Movie Great Soundtrack
The Fall- Reformation Post TLC
The Fall- Reissues
Fall Out Boy- Sugar,We're Going Down (CD single)
Fall Out Boy- From Under The Cork Tree
The Fall The Rise- Interlopers
The Fallout Trust- In Case Of Flood
Family - reissues
Family - BBC Radio Volume 1 1968-69
Family - BBC Radio Volume 2 1971-73
Family- Old Songs New Songs (box)
Family- Old Songs New Songs
Family- Best Of Family & Friends
Fandango- Cadillac
Fanny- Rock and Roll Survivors
Far North- What?
Chris Farlowe- Hotel Eingang
Farmers Boys- The Other Side
Faro- Dawn Of Forever
Faro- Angelost
Farrah- Me Too
Farrah- Cut Out And Keep
Charlie Farren- Old & Young

Federico Fasce- Images from the Past
Fastway- Eat Dog Eat
Fat Mattress- Magic Forest The Anthology
Fatal Fusion- Land Of The Sun
Fatal Smile- Neo Natural Freaks
Fate- A Matter Of Attitude
Fate- Scratch 'n Sniff
Fate- V
Fates Warning- X
Bill Fay- Bill Fay
WT Feaster- Wish You Well
See also, WT Feaster Band
Federiksen/Denander- Baptism By Fire
Feeding The Fire- Disinfonation
The Feeling- Twelve Stops And Home
The Feeling- Join With Us
Julie Felix- The Rainbow Collection
Felony- First Works
Paul Fenton- Judgement Day
Marc Ferrari- Lights,Camera,Action
Ferreira- Fallen Heroes
Marco Ferrigano- Hanging Gardens
Various- Festival compilations
Fickle Public- Just Like I Got Used To Saying Courtney Cox Arquette (CD single)
Chris Field Powis Square
Fields of Nephilim- Mourning Sun
Fields Of Nephilim- Genesis And Revelation
Fifty Caliber Kiss- Armor Class Invincible
Final Axe- The Axe Of Apostles
Final Frontier- The Second Wave
Heather Findlay- The Phoenix Suite
Fire- The Magic Shoemaker Live
Fire- Thrill Me
Firenote- Firenote
Firewind- Few Against Many
First Child- Souvenirs
First Child- Queen Of Hearts
Fish- Bouillabaisse (Best Of)
Fish- Return To Childhood
Fish- Communion
Fish- 13th Star
Fishbone- Still Stuck In Your Throat
Steve Fister Between A Rock And A Blues Place
Steve Fister Dodgin Bullets
Five Star Iris- Hoopytville
The Fixx- 1011 Woodland (DVD-Audio)
The Fixx- Beautiful Friction
Flash- Flash
Flesh- Temple Of Whores
Kirk Fletcher- My Turn
Flipron- Biscuits For Cerberus
Flipron- Gravity Calling
The Floe- No Looking Back
Flower Kings- Unfold The Future
Flower Kings- Adam & Eve
Flower Kings- Paradox Hotel
Flower Kings- The Road Back Home
Flower Kings- The Sum Of No Evil
Fluid Sol
Fluttr Effect- Marking Time
Flyleaf- Flyleaf
FM- Long Time No See
FM- Long Lost Friends
FM- Metropolis
Focus- Focus 8
Focus- Live At The BBC
Focus- Masters From The Vaults/Live Legends
Focus- X
John Fogerty- The Long Road Home
John Fogerty- Revival
Foghat- Night Shift
Foghat- Live II
Foghat- Reissues
Foghat- Reissues
Folded Faces- Demo
Sue Foley - Change
Sue Foley- New Used Car
Sue Foley, Debotah Coleman, Roxanne Potvin-Timebomb
Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders- Best Of
Foo Fighters- Wasting Light
Lita Ford- Wicked Wonderland
Marc Ford- Weary And Wired
Foreigner - The Definitive
Foreigner- No End In Sight: the Very Best Of
Foreigner- Can't Slow Down
Foreigner- Acoustique And More
Foreigner- Alive And Rockin'
Forgotten Suns- Innergy
Fornost Arnor- The Death Of A Rose
Forty Deuce- Nothing To Lose
Jack Foster III- Jazzraptor
Mo Foster- Bel Assis
Mo Foster- Southern Reunion>
Mo Foster- Live at Blues West 14
Mo Foster- Time To Think
Ruthie Foster- The Truth According To Ruthie Foster
Fozzy- All That Remains
Fozzy- Chasing The Grail
Fozzy- Chasing The Grail/Remains Alive
Fractal- Sequitur
The Frames- The Cost
Frameshift- Unweaving The Rainbow
Frameshift- An Absence Of Empathy
Peter Frampton- Now
Peter Frampton - Breaking All The Rules
Chris Francis- Studs n' Sisters
fREAK-1-C- Swimming With The Big Fish
Freakhouse- Beautiful Misery
Fredde Gredde- Thirteen Eight
Free- Live at the BBC
Free- Very Best Of
Free- Fire And Water
Clare Free- Dust And Bones
Freedom - Through The Years
Freedom Call- Dimensions
Freedom Call- Legend Of The Shadowking
Freedom Call- Live At Hellvetia
Freedom Call- Land Of The Crimson Dawn
Various- Freeway Jam To Beck and Back
Henrik Freischlader- Still Frame Replay
Ace Frehley- Greatest Hits Live
Frequency Drift- Ghosts
Frequency Drift- Laid To Rest
Marty Friedman- Live In Europe
Friend 'N Fellow- Crystal
Peter Friedstedt- LA Project 2
Frost- Out In The Cold
FreshFabrik- Finest
From Behind- Game Over
Frontline- Circles
Frost- Experiments In Mass Appeal
Fruupp- The Prince Of Heaven's Eyes
Fu Manchu- Start The Machine
Full Houze- Street Of Town
Fun Lovin' Criminals- Welcome To Poppy's
Tommy Funderburk- Anything For You
Funny Money- Back Again
Fuoriuso- Black Signs
Fury UK- VR
Fury UK- A Way Of Life
Fusion For Miles- A Guitar Tribute To Miles Davis
Fuzzy Duck- Fuzzy Duck

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