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Artist/Author Archive
Ray Fenwick The guitarist's guitarist and sessionman/producer
Mo Foster Master bassman by appointment to some of rock's finest
Ben Arthur Talented singer-songwriter
Jennifer Marks Sassy, singer-songwriter
Natascha Sohl GRTR! favourite and one to watch!
25 Yard Screamer Upcoming Welsh melodic rockers!
David Sinclair Journalist turned rocker
Karnataka Prog-tastic melodic rockers now back in action
PUCK Female-fronted melodic hard rock from upcoming band
Chris Singleton Talented singer songwriter
Mermaid Kiss Melodic rock, with emphasis on female vocals
Rieser Scottish rising stars
UXL Young band with mature rock sound
James Grant End of year de-brief with singer songwriter
Dan Pinto Multi-instrumentalist, film and TV composer, jazz fusion
Thunderbird 13 Zombie Queen rocks
Neil Daniels Rock author

Featured Artists 2010 "Ten for 10"
Eden's Curse Melodic metallers
FM Melodic rockers are back!
Elektradrive Italian melodic rockers come of age!
GMT Wit, charm and obnoxious drumming
Leaf Hound Legendary blues rock band
Jaded Sun Classic rock
Panic Room Criticially acclaimed prog
Chris Singleton Singer songwriter is steeped in classic pop

Featured Artists 2011
Larry Miller  
Eden's Curse  
Power Quest  
The Last Republic  
Voodoo Vegas  
Toxic Federation  
Chantel McGregor  
Saint Jude  

Label Archive  
Market Square Records Eclectic mix of folk, through rock and jazz
Hux Records Described as 'the greatest plunderers of the BBC's vaults'
Chavis Records Melodic and metal
Silverline Trailblazers for the DVD-Audio medium
Escape Music Prog and metal specialist
Rock Music Memorabilia Knebworth Festival memorabilia

First Call : An introduction to classic rockers
Albums That Changed The World
Molly Hatchet Double Trouble Live (1985)

Ones that got away...
River City People Melodic rockers from Liverpool
Marillion Holidays In Eden
Crown Of Thorns 1994 album revisited
Diving For Pearls 1989 cult classic
Shadow King Lou Gramm's short-lived gem
Asia Melodic rock anthems
Celtus Contemporary Celtic fusion
Love And Money Not much money but a lot of love for Scotland's finest
The Tubes 1985 Todd Rundgren-produced swansong
Ed Alleyne-Johnson Vaughan Williams on speed...
Roy Buchanan Influential, unsung guitar hero...
Budgie Seminal Welsh rockers with funny song titles...
Hughes-Thrall Voice of Rock 1982 side project...
The Storm Journey but not Journey...
Saraya Female-fronted rock blueprint...
Yngwie Malmsteen Swedish master of twiddly's 1990 classic
Chimpan A 2006 ambient classic

Pulse DVD Q&A Mason,Gilmour & Wright take questions at DVD launch...
Free DVD Q&A Rodgers, Fraser & Kirke take questions at DVD launch...
Alan Clayson Author,musician...
Rodney Matthews One of the great cover art illustrators...
Sweden Rock Festival 2005 Have tent, will travel...
Kevin Godley/Graham Gouldman New project for 10cc men...
Todd Rundgren book Exclusive extract...
Cambridge Rock Festival 1 August 16-19, 2007
GetAMPED Arts and Music magazine
Sweden Rock Festival 2007 Man v. canvas. Man wins...
David Gilmour DVD preview Q&A and Gig!
Christopher Lee Prince of Darkness in song...
Jeff Wayne War of the Worlds hits the stage
The Rising Stars GRTR! CD promoting 16 upcoming and independent artists
Acoustic Festival May 24-26, 2008 Catton Park, Derbyshire
Cambridge Rock Festival 2 July 17-20, 2008
Eden's Curse Return of the melodic metal rockers
Peter Hook On New Order and the Rhino reissues.
Sweden Rock Festival 2009 Festival veteran Ian Pollard reports with photo galleries
Guilfest 09 July 11-13 2009, Stoke Park, Guildford
Cambridge Rock Festival 3 August 6-9 2009, Haggis Farm Polo Club, Barton, Cambridgeshire
Firefest Annual melodic rock festival

Special Features
Neil Daniels
The Last Republic
Featured Labels
Label Archive
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