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Holidays In Eden (Marillion)

This is the feature where we revisit bands or albums that are worthy of attention but may well have been overlooked over the years…we also signpost the definitive CD versions and related albums worth investigating.

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Marillion, (l to r) Mark Kelly,Steve Hogarth,Steve Rothery,Ian Mosley,Pete Trewavas

With Steve Hogarth having eased his way into the band on the 1989 album 'Season's End', 1991's 'Holidays In Eden' consolidated his position and signalled Marillion's further severing of the umbilical with former frontman Fish.

Produced by Christopher Neil, 'Holidays In Eden' is one of the band's most commercial offerings but still wrapped up in their signature prog-rock styling - notably spearheaded by Steve Rothery's chiming guitar figures. The band were pressured by EMI who wanted an album with at least three singles, whilst Neil was well-known for his pop craftsmanship through his work with Celine Dion and Sheena Easton.

Marillion - Holidays In Eden

Hogarth proved himself a powerful and sensitive singer, no more so than on his older song 'Dry Land' (written with Colin Woore when he was in How We Live). He also brought fresh input into the band's songwriting process. With lyricist John Helmer on board, the band cranked out intelligent AOR which although alienating some of the older fanbase touched territory that - with the right promotion - could have won them a whole new audience.

In the post-Fish Marillion canon, the album now stands slightly apart from what was to follow. After the prog-rock epic 'Brave' and its successor 'Afraid Of Sunlight' EMI dropped the band and Hogarth and co. adopted a less accessible, less commercial stance - evidently buoyed up by Radiohead citing the band as an influence. Latterly they ply their trade via an active website with many exclusive internet-only releases, and they astounded the industry by gleaning 13,000 advance orders via the Net for their self-produced "Anoraknophobia" CD which is arguably their most accessible since "Holidays".

Don't miss:
Holidays In Eden (remastered with bonus disc)
(EMI CDP 7 92655 2)

Don't skip:
Cover My Eyes, No One Can, Dry Land

Worth investigating:
How We Live : Dry Land

(reissue available via band website)

Text © 2002 David Randall

Further info:

10 Questions

Dry Land
© 2003 Racket Records. All rights reserved.

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