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AYREON 01011001 Inside Out (2007)


Arjen Lucassen returns with another double concept album based on the planet Y and their race 'Forever', who send their DNS on a comet which collides with earth and sees the start of the human race. The 'Forever' wanted to use the human race to get away from their own reliance on technology and get back to feelings and emotions but the human race eventually becoming ever dependent on technology and machines.

Like previous Ayreon albums lyrically it focuses on technology and our growing reliance on it and lyrically this album is much darker than previous albums.

As you'd expect there is a stellar array of guest vocalists and musicians including Magnum's Bob Catley, Evergrey's Tom Englund, Epica's Simone Simons, Derek Sherinan and Tomas Bodin (The Flower Kings). The music is simpy breathtaking ranging from heavy, aggressive riffing on the opening song 'Age Of Shadows' through to more reflective, folk tinged playing as can be heard on 'The Truth Is Here'. Disc two is the real tour de force as the music and vocalists work so well together. It is all very well gathering lots of vocalists together but you need the music to suit their vocal style whilst keeping a flow overall, which Arjen has done and then some! The two real stand outs on here are Bob Catley, who suits this album down to the ground and Ty Tabor of King's X on 'Connect The Dots'. This song is the most instant on here and one you will keep playing over and over. If there is ever a single lifted off this CD then it should be this one.

I thought Arjen couldn't top his last Ayreon masterpiece 'The Human Equation' but he has and I urge you to get this CD as it is one of the best progressive music releases for many a year. Words fail to do this album justice, simply stunning!


Review by Jason Ritchie


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