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View Article  SYMPHONY X interview - Jason Rullo

When the American Progressive/Heavy Metal quintet Symphony X first released the amazing “Paradise Lost” back in 2007 I was one of those people who felt that the New Jersey outfit had pretty much reached the pinnacle of their creativity. Three years later the band decided to prove us all wrong ...   more »

View Article  DARK TRANQUILITY interview - Mikael Stanne
Mikael Stanne has a reputation of being not only one of the best frontment in Death Metal but also one of the kindest and most accommodating people in the music business – something that I eventually had to find out for myself, especially seeing as I have been supporting Dark ...   more »
View Article  Backstage Hero - Joe Geesin

Joe Geesin contributes to 'Record Collector' and GRTR! plus compiles sleevenotes for various CD's and has a famous dad...

How did you become involved in the music business?

It was kind of natural - with my dad so involved, I grew up with it, even though I took a completely ...   more »

View Article  TEODOR TUFF - Soliloquy
This is the second album from the Norwegian metal crew Teodor Tuff. Their debut album was released back in 2009 which dented the Norwegian charts and led to support slots with Whitesnake and Deep Purple. Due to a number of line up changes, following this the band were forced to ...   more »
View Article  TRUCKER DIABLO - The Devil Rhythm
Trucker Diablo look like they should be from the American deep south, all beards, baseball caps and Mack Trucks, but they actually hail from the closer shores of Ireland. The band formed in 2008 and have garnered a lot of acclaim through hard work and self promotion ultimately leading to ...   more »
View Article  RED, WHITE & BLUES - Shine
This is the debut album from Red, White & Blues who you may not have heard of yet…I say yet as you will soon, believe me.

The band features Myke Gray from Skin/ Jagged Edge on guitar, Matti Alfonzetti from Jagged Edge on bass and vocals and Che Leon Beresford ...   more »
View Article  LILLIAN AXE - XI: The Days Before Tomorrow

Lillian Axe are back with a new album and another change in the vocalist department - step forward Brian C Jones who replaces Ronnie Munroe (the former Metal Church vocalist). They are also on a new label and in AFM Records they are sure to get more coverage than their ...   more »

View Article  MOLLO/MARTIN - The Third Cage

Guitarist Mollo Martin (check out the two Voodoo Hill albums he did with Glenn Hughes) and vocalist Tony Martin (Black Sabbath/Empire) return with their third Cage album, the last one was released way back in 2002.

   more »
View Article  PAIN OF SALVATION (Daniel Gildenlow) INTERVIEW
The ability to embrace change is an important quality for any Prog-orientated band to have, especially so if that band happens to be as brave and musically diverse as the Swedish powerhouse Pain Of Salvation. When I arranged to do an interview with founding member and mastermind Daniel Gildenlow, I ...   more »
View Article  NICKELBACK - Here And Now

The Marmite band of rock - you either love or hate them - return with their first new album since 2008 and overall it is another good album. Nickelback are so big now they only do live interviews and don't do magazine or online interviews, although I would imagine much ...   more »
View Article  ATKINS/MAY PROJECT - Serpent's Kiss
This album is the result of a collaboration between original Judas Priest vocalist Al Atkins and noted guitarist Paul May who has featured on around 50 albums to date mostly within the realms of Christian rock.

The album opens with
The Shallowing which is a solid chunk of ...   more »
View Article  INQUISITOR - The Quantum Theory Of Id
I read through the accompanying blurb with this album before I played it and the following words jumped out at me, Lithuanian Avant-Garde Black Metal, words to strike fear in to most mortals but in the name of professionalism and curiosity it went straight in my CD ...   more »
View Article  BURN THE SUNSET - Home
Burn The Sunset are a young melodic hardcore band that hail from Stirling in Scotland just a few miles away from me although I was oblivious to their existence until this, their debut album Home, arrived on my doormat. The five piece master in hard and heavy ...   more »
View Article  10 Q's with WHITE WIDDOW

Hello Jules (White Widdow), loving the new album, which if anything, is better than the debut, which is no mean feat!

“Thanks very much Jason!! We are really happy with the new album.”

What are you currently up to?

“Well, we’ve just finished up a two month long tour to ...   more »

View Article  JONES - Ghost Of Song
Jones is the solo album of Trevor Jones who is joined by the duo Miracle Mile. He has already garnered rave reviews for his previous work and going by the ten songs on here he is going to do it again. The overall feel is one of quiet reflection - ...   more »
View Article  THIN LIZZY - At The BBC
The BBC, between its various music radio shows, Top Of The Pops and the Old Grey Whistle Test, could really ...   more »
View Article  ROYAL HUNT - Show Me How To Live

Royal Hunt are back after their last album ‘X’ seemed to disappear without trace but now they are back on ...   more »

View Article  MARK SPIRO - It's A Beautiful Life

Mark Spiro returns with his first new album since 2005's 'Mighty Blue Ocean'. He is most probably known more for ...   more »

View Article  ROY WOOD - Music Book
A two CD set compiled by Roy Wood, although a quick warning that if you are after the original hits ...   more »
View Article  YOU ME AT SIX - Sinners Never Sleep
You Me At Six is personally one of my favorite bands and as this is their third album, I was ...   more »
View Article  PATSY MATHESON 'Stories of Angels & Guitars'

Former Waking the Witch member Patsy Matheson returns with her new album, her first in nearly four years. Mind you ...   more »

View Article  ARENA 'The Seventh Degree Of Seperation'
Arena are back with their first album since the excellent 'Pepper's Ghost' back in 2005. Since then John Jowitt has ...   more »
View Article  EVERGREY 'A Decade And A Half'
Evergrey reach fifteen years as a band, although only Tom S Englund remains as the sole original member and in 2010 all but Englund and keyboard player Rikard Zander quit the band.    more »
View Article  10 Q's with SEAN HETHERINGTON of Intense

We catch-up with Intense vocalist Sean Hetherington as the band unleaseh their new album 'The Shape Of Rage'...

1. What ...   more »

View Article  Interview with of JOHN AXELROD of Classical Rock
John Axelrod gives us the lowdown on the new touring band Classical Rock...

How did the idea for Classical Rock ...   more »
View Article  10 Q's with PATSY MATHESON
Patsy Matheson is about to release her new album 'Stories of Angels & Guitars' backed by an extensive UK tour in early 2012   more »
View Article  THE DUNWELLS - Blind Sighted By Faith
After hearing their excellent single 'I Could Be King' (which kicks of their debut album in style) the Dunwells follow this up with a superb debut album. They have just been announced as one of one HMV's Next Big Things for 2012 as well. Often bands and artists can have ...   more »
View Article  Backstage Hero - TIM JONES (Record Collector)

How did you become involved in the music business?

I applied to an ad in The Guardian for an Editorial ...   more »

View Article  AWAKE - Forever More
U.K. progressive metal act Awake return after a four-year hiatus to produce their second album, “Forever More”. The album features ...   more »
View Article  Boguslaw Balcerak’s Crylord – Blood of the prophets
Yes, strange as it may sound, Boguslaw Balcerak is his real name. He is a Pole who is the mastermind ...   more »
View Article  RAMIN - S/T

Ramin Karimloo may not be your normal GRTR! fare as he has made his name in a series of West End shows including 'Les Miserables' and 'Love Never Dies'. This is his debut album, a mix of self-penned tunes, musical numbers and a few covers.

'Show Me Light' and 'Coming ...   more »
View Article  URIAH HEEP + SNAKECHARMER gig review
URIAH HEEP + SNAKECHARMER Shepherd’s Bush Empire, Thursday 8th December 2011

Snakecharmer as the name suggests feature some former Whitesnake ...   more »
View Article  Machine Head/ Bring Me The Horizon/ Devil Driver gig review
SECC, Glasgow
Machine Head must have more Air Miles than any other band on the planet. After their seemingly endless three year tour in support of ‘The Blackening’ album you could have forgiven the band if they had disappeared on an 18 month hiatus to recover and record, but ...   more »
View Article  THE BUCKINGHAMS - Time & Charges/Portraits
Two albums on one CD, and album numbers 2 and 3 for this late 60s Sunshine Pop band. Formed in Chicago, Illinois, USA in the mid 60s, they mixed west coast/psychedelia with bubblegum pop, beat and orchestration. Releasing albums in 1967 alone, they were one of the most listened to ...   more »
View Article  SKIN - S/T
An aptly timed reissue for this classic hard rock album, given the band’s recent reformation and appearance at High Voltage earlier this year.

Originally released in 1994, when many British rock bands had been killed by the abomination called grunge, the band’s eponymous debut was produced by Keith Olsen and ...   more »
View Article  ORION THE HUNTER - S/T
A Boston offshoot, this band featured guitarist Barry Goudreau, and future Bostoner Fran Cosmo on lead vocals. Brad Delp even provided backing vocals. Drummer Michael DeRosier was ex Heart which also helped cement the sound, so think Boston, Heart, Journey and Triumph.

The tracks are fairly typical 1984 melodic rock, ...   more »
View Article  DAMIAN WILSON- I Thought The World Was Listening 1997-2011
Damian Wilson is currently the vocalist in the rather good Threshold and has in the past worked with Rick Wakeman, ...   more »
View Article  10 Q's with PATRIK JOHANSSON of ASTRAL DOORS
We catch-up with Astral Doors vocalist Nils Patrik Johansson as the band release a new album 'Jerusalem'...

1. What are ...   more »