Formed in 2004 this is the band's second album and for a three piece they make a wide soundscape. The band's line-up is Benedict Harris-Hayes (throat/guitars/piano), Sam Street (drums/percussion) and Shaun Rayment (bass) plus the Lost Orchestra who add synths/sound FX (the Lost Orchestra is composed and arranged by Benedict). The band have enlisted Rob Aubery (IQ/Transatlantic) to help on the album's engineering and mixing.

This is a wonderful album to lose yourself in it has to be said with a lot going on not only musically but in the vocals as well - prepare yourself for later in the album when the Cookie Monster vocals kick-in. It is amazing how effortlessly the vocals on say 'Nisi Credideritius, Non Intelligetis' switch from growls to melodic.

Listening to 'This Aching Isolation' I was reminded of Kino or It Bites, with a sweeping vocal and highly melodic music. Shades of Porcupine Tree on 'Hz', mainly in the FX laden sound. The band remastered an older song in 'The Fire Around The Lotus' which is the most guitar heavy moment.

A truly wonderful musical adventure and if you like your music to delight and surprise then Enochian Theory have hit the spot. This band deserve to be one of the musical successes in 2012 and beyond.

Jason Ritchie