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View Article  FATE - Ghosts From The Past
One of the few bands of note to have emerged from Denmark, Fate made a distinctly mixed comeback in 2006 ...   more »
View Article  COWBOY JUNKIES - Sing In My Meadow
Formed in 1985 “Sing In My Meadow“ is the 15th studio album from Canada’s Cowboy Junkies, and the third in ...   more »
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This Is Freedom’s debut EP ‘Welcome Home’ has been a work in progress since early 2010 and as it gets ...   more »
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Joe Vana of Mecca fills us in on the band's eagerly awaited second album...

1. What are you currently up ...   more »
View Article  HARD STUFF - Bulletproof/Bolex Dementia
Angel Air continue their mining of the recently deceased John Du Cann's catalogue with two discs, originally released on Purple ...   more »
View Article  VOYAGER - The Meaning Of I
Album number four from this rather good progressive metal band. Not sure why this band have never made a bigger impact as all their albums are of a high standard. They do have a few line-up changes though as sole original member Danny Estrin has added guitarist Scott Kay to ...   more »