1. What are you currently up to?


We are currently planning our first US tour, touring our first album ‘Blind Sighted Faith’ and our first single ‘I Could Be A King’ (watch the video here: http://youtu.be/A-9EKbu-sfM ). This is quite exciting as we are just at the start. Anything is possible now.


2. Could you take us through the new album ‘Blind Sighted Faith’? (e.g. ideas behind the songs etc.)


Blind Sighted Faith is a collection of songs that we have been working on for about two- and-a-half years. With each song there is a meaning or a story. Especially the title track. Without that song would we be standing here today? Who knows. Something special happened in our career around that time. It was through trying that we achieved.


3. The single ‘I Could Be King’ has a strong personal message about how a simple idea can generate a massive change. How important is it to the band to get a message across in your lyrics and make a statement/comment on current affairs?


Here is another song that is trying to get that same message across. Those who dare to dream, whatever it may, be are happiest.


4. How did the band first come together and who are your musical influences?


Dave Henson (lead guitar) and I have been playing together for about 6 years now. So it just made since to build a band around that. Jonny Lamb and Rob Clayton had played in various bands with my brother Dave before playing with Dave Henson and I. So it was a perfect fit. Jonny and Rob are cousins, too, so we’ve got two sets of ‘blood harmonies’ in the band. I met Dave Hanson on an open mic night that I run. I knew straight way there was something special.


We all have very different influences. I think that's why we have the sound we have. Mix & match.


5. You have been selected as one HMV’s Next Big Things. What exactly does this entail and what have the band planned to capitalise on this?


This is a great privilege to be associated with such a big brand. We found out about the gig we are headlining a couple of weeks before Christmas. What an end to a dramatic year! We play at The Ritz Hotel in Manchester on February 10th, with all the HMV branding. It’s such an amazing room, too. It’s shaping up to be an amazing night.


6. What would The Dunwells liked to have achieved this time next year?


We are only in February and are just about to embark on our first us tour. That is an achievement in itself. To dream big, I would like a number one album. Haha.


7. What have been the live highlights so far and why?


We supported Mumford and Sons in front of ten thousand people. Stepping out on to that stage in front of that many people, playing our own songs with my mates next to me, is where I want be for the rest of my life.


8. What do you enjoy doing in your time away from music?


I am very much in to outdoor things. Golf, football, running, walking.


9. Any good Rock ‘n’ Roll tales to tell…


We're not the most Rock ‘n’ Roll of bands. So, no real rock ‘n’ roll stories. Plenty of stories about the van breaking down. A bit too many, actually. 


10. Anything else to add and a message for your fans...


I would like to say thanks to all of our fans who have helped us along the way. With your turning up to gigs and buying our CDs and your words of encouragement on our Twitter and Facebook means a lot. Keep spreading the love.