The 80’s saw a raft of pop medley albums from Star Sound’s ‘Stars On 45’ through to the popular Hooked On…series, where the classical ones conducted by Louis Clark (of ELO fame) proved very popular. Then there is this one created by Geoff Morrow (from pop band Butterscotch) and Howard T’Loosty covering number songs from the 50’s through to the early 80’s.


The CD has four medleys that cram in 100 number one hits all backed by that synth drum beat and in some cases featuring the original artists, like Lonnie Donnegan on ‘My Old Man’s A Dustman’ and Mud on ‘Tiger Feet’. It is meant to be a fun CD and if you can blot out that annoying backbeat the performances are for the most part very good indeed. There are some strange segues though like Creedance’s classic ‘Bad Moon Rising’ 9ably sung by Joe Brown) merging into ‘Matchstick Men & matchstick Cats & Dogs’.


One for the office party or at home for a round of ‘Name That Tune and its Original Artist’!


Jason Ritchie