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View Article  JENNY GILLESPIE - Belita EP

Jenny Gillespie has released two albums to date and earned a fair few rave reviews along the way. As all things folk are big again she has the ideal opportunity to ride this wave with her new EP, which reminded me of Joni Mitchell in her jazzy moments coupled with ...   more »

View Article  THESE REIGNING DAYS - Changes
Three piece band formed by former Quails lead singer Dan Steer and this is their debut single. Full marks to a band with a plan as they have another single out in April and a third single, along with their debut album released in the summer. The song starts quietly ...   more »
View Article  THE URBAN VOODOO MACHINE - Rather You Shot Me Down
I have never seen this gypsy blues, bop 'n' stroll collective but I would imagine they are a sight to behold and hear! This three song EP for Valentine's Day includes the slow burning title track from their last album and a rather spirited cover of AC/DC#s 'Hells Bells' (used ...   more »
View Article  Auction For The Promise Club - One (EP)
Three piece band consisting of Zoe White Chambers (vocals/guitar) - she also painted the band photo - Toby White Chambers (drums) and Perran Teremwan (guitars/keys). They have already have some good reviews and airplay on BBC 6 Music and Absolute Radio. It is melodious pop with 'If' being the strongest ...   more »
View Article  Sharliza Jelita - Claustrophobia
An electro pop single may not be your typical GRTR! fare but this song is just so damn catchy. Yes the vocals sound like they are Autotuned to the max and the synths come from Fisher Price but it is a very decent pop tune. Apparently at her gigs she ...   more »
View Article  Damn Vandals - The Beautiful Mind EP
Following on from two previous singles, Damn Vandals are about to release this 4 track EP. Their previous singles have gained critical acclaim from various sources including none other than Tom Robinson on Radio 6.

The 4 tracks on offer here sound like they were penned by Frank Black, there ...   more »
View Article  Model Society - Horizons
This is the latest single from London based rockers Model Society. This is a one track affair and it s not too bad, sounding a bit Bloc Party-like spliced with a healthy dose of the Levellers. The song has a good melody and a hooky chorus, there is a ...   more »
View Article  UNCLE SID - Rock Guru (single)
Canadian rockers Uncle Sid release a new single 'Rock Guru', the first to feature their new vocalist Terena Armstrong. Full marks to Uncle Sid as they keep going and they certainly have a vocal find in Terena Armstrong who easily holds her own with the driving hard rock. Think of ...   more »
Metal Church - The Present Wasteland

Yorkshire-based Doomsters My Dying Bride have never been the kind of band which shies away from experimentation. Clear evidence can be found in any of the band’s recordings including “Evinta” - a collection of fourteen compositions which was released earlier this year and which saw the band presenting riffs and ...   more »
View Article  SKARLETT RIOT - Villain
Hailing from that most rocking of towns, Scunthorpe, Skarlett Riot will shortly be unleashing their second EP to their ever expanding fan base. The female fronted four piece play melodic hard rock in the vein of Paramore and Halestorm. They have gained a lot of exposure over the last year ...   more »
View Article  FIREFALLDOWN - These Wounds
Firefalldown are a trio from London who have been treading the boards for a few years now. This is the band’s latest single which will be the title track from their forthcoming album.

Soundwise the three piece blend a bit of the Chili Peppers with a smattering of nu metal ...   more »
View Article  VAN HALEN - Tattoo
So Van Halen are (finally!) back with a new album 'A Different Kind Of Truth' due in early February (7th in the US) and this song, 'Tattoo' is the lead single. It is very much a family affair with Wolfgang Van Halen on bass with the master showman David Lee ...   more »
View Article  ALWAYS THE QUIET ONES - Freak Show
Another new EP, this time from Liverpudlian Quintet Always The Quiet Ones. The band formed in 2010 and have so far gathered a good size following and landed a few tasty support slots with the likes of Deaf Havana and Turbogeist.

Sound wise the obvious influences on the band have ...   more »
View Article  ISOLATED ATOMS - Illuminate
Isolated Atoms hark back to a time when indie rock was all low slung basses and dodgy angular hair cuts. Billed as an‘electro rock’ outfit they borrow heavily from Joy Division/ New Order and The Cure to name but two, but a whole raft of 80‘s names could be added ...   more »