Hailing from that most rocking of towns, Scunthorpe, Skarlett Riot will shortly be unleashing their second EP to their ever expanding fan base. The female fronted four piece play melodic hard rock in the vein of Paramore and Halestorm. They have gained a lot of exposure over the last year playing in support to the likes of The Black Spiders and Taking Dawn and picking up airplay with their debut EP released late in 2010.

This four track EP should further increase the band’s popularity as it is accessible, hard melodic rock with standout tracks Party Hard and Youre The Enemy well worth a listen. One slight issue I did find though was at times the vocals are swamped a bit in the mix, but this didn’t detract that much from a good quality release.

The band are set to tour on the back of this release which should see them move up a notch or two in the field during 2012. Worth a trip out if they are in your neck of the woods.

David Wilson