Tony MacAlpine is back with an all new album that covers the many styles he can handle. He is much more than one of these see-how-many-notes-I-can-play fast guitar shredders and also can think outside of the box musically, something which say Yngwie Malmsteen has problems with.

Plenty to enjoy from the jazzy refrain of '10 Seconds To Mercury' through to the out and out shred fest that is 'Fire Mountain'. The album finishes with a gentle classical piece 'The Dedication', based on Robert Schumann. Throughout the album he is ably backed by fellow Planet X band mate drummer Virgil Donati and acclaimed drummer Marco Minneman.

Perfect for a change from vocal albums and most importantly Tony MacAlpine knows how to keep a decent melody going, thus gibing his music a wider audience outside of the small, but dedicated fanbase of guitar instrumental albums.

Jason Ritchie