The DVD (also available on BluRay) version of the double live CD of Styx performing tow of their entire classic 70’s albums. The show was recorded at the Orpheum Theatre in Memphis and includes a guest appearance by original bass player Chuck Panozzo.


Starting with a young kid putting on his headphones to listen to the albums on vinyl this DVD captures a very visual and energetic show by the band. All the band members get a chance to shine although Lawrence Gown steals the show with his swirly keyboard and infectious enthusiasm when he sings (he covers the songs Dennis de Young would have sung), none more so than on his grand church organ solo on ‘I’m Okay’. Not to be outdone though James Young whips up a storm on ‘Miss America’ and Tommy Shaw has lost none of his vocal prowess, plus he is a damn fine guitarist. It is great to hear these two albums played in entirety even ‘Aku-Aku’ which closes the set and sees the band winding down slowly musically as the crowd starts to increase in their sound and appreciation.


The bonus feature is a series of interviews with the people behind the scenes who help keep the show on the road, including the flamboyant merchandise guy and an in-depth, if sometimes slightly Spinal Tap-esque, look at the drum set-up. Nice little feature and better than back stage band member ‘jokes’ and footage you normally get on a live DVD.


Pretty damn essential for fans and great for UK/European based fans as its unlikely they will perform both albums in one night over here.


Jason Ritchie