Released late 2011, the debut album from Sweden’s The Magnificent is aptly titled. The feel of the album sits somewhere between late ‘80’s Whitesnake and late ‘80’s/early ‘90’s Europe - big, polished and appearing to have used the latter’s “Prisoners In Paradise” album as a blueprint, what is not to like about this self titled effort?


The album contains the atmospheric keyboards of Jukka Karinen throughout and there is also some stunning guitar work from Torsti Spoof but it is the vocals from Michael Eriksen (Circus Maximus) that pull the whole thing together. The highlights amongst the album’s 12 tracks include the Whitesnake like opener  “Holding On To Your Love”, “Smoke & Fire” which features a very Joey Tempest like vocal  performance, “Satin & Lace” which is just a great all round track, “If It Takes All Night”  which has some great, if not a little Norum-like, guitar on it, “Love’s On The Line” and ”Cheated By Love”.


Overall, “The Magnificent” is a great debut album and if you enjoy listening to the likes of Brother Firetribe, Europe, Whitesnake etc- then you will certainly find something for you in this tasty slab of melodic hard rock.


Nikk Gunns