Album number four from this rather good progressive metal band. Not sure why this band have never made a bigger impact as all their albums are of a high standard. They do have a few line-up changes though as sole original member Danny Estrin has added guitarist Scott Kay to the line-up for this album.

Again this album is not an instant hit but keep playing and the album reveals its aural treats each time. There is the Euro metal of 'Fire Of The Times' with Royal Hunt's DC Cooper guesting, the other guest vocalist is Tesseract's Daniel Tompkins on 'The Pensive Disarray' - a song which lifts Queen's 'We Will Rock You' drumbeat for the intro.

The band are not afraid to delve into electronica, often used in the intros and backing on some songs. This works well on the album's best song 'Iron Dream', a superb melody and shades of the mighty Type O Negative in the vocal arrangements. Superb stuff and a fitting tribute to the late Peter Steele.

Overall their best album since their debut 'V'. I really do urge fans of progressive and melodic metal to give this band a try as I am sure you won't be disappointed. A band who experiment yet never lose sight of a decent melody in their songs.

Jason Ritchie