Formed in 1985 “Sing In My Meadow“ is the 15th studio album from Canada’s Cowboy Junkies, and the third in the four part Nomad Series. The band is made up of three siblings- vocalist Margo Timmins (vocals) and her two brothers guitarist Michael and drummer Peter- the line up completed by bass player Alan Anton, and as often is with a band like this the musical chemistry appears to be that bit stronger.

Still gaining critical acclaim over 25 years into their career, the Cowboy Junkies are still making albums as good as their 1988 breakthrough album “The Trinity Sessions”. The idea behind this new album was to recreate the band’s live performances and with guitarist Michael Timmins producing the record they have managed to do just that. All eight tracks on “Sing In My Meadow” were recorded live in the studio over a four day session and that energy can be felt throughout the album.

Opening track “Continental Drift” has a soundtrack quality to it, “It’s Heavy Down Here” is musically sparse with trippy vocals riding over it, whilst “I Move On” has a swirling psychedelic feel to it. Title track “Sing In My Meadow” is dirty, bluesy and earthy sounding, “3rd Crusade” almost has a late 1960’s Hendrix like touch to it. Other highlights include “Hunted” and “A Bride’s Price”.

The band will complete The Nomad Series with the release of next album “The Wilderness” and show no sign of resting on their laurels.

Nikk Gunns