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View Article  ATKINS/MAY PROJECT - Serpent's Kiss
This album is the result of a collaboration between original Judas Priest vocalist Al Atkins and noted guitarist Paul May who has featured on around 50 albums to date mostly within the realms of Christian rock.

The album opens with
The Shallowing which is a solid chunk of ...   more »
View Article  INQUISITOR - The Quantum Theory Of Id
I read through the accompanying blurb with this album before I played it and the following words jumped out at me, Lithuanian Avant-Garde Black Metal, words to strike fear in to most mortals but in the name of professionalism and curiosity it went straight in my CD ...   more »
View Article  BURN THE SUNSET - Home
Burn The Sunset are a young melodic hardcore band that hail from Stirling in Scotland just a few miles away from me although I was oblivious to their existence until this, their debut album Home, arrived on my doormat. The five piece master in hard and heavy ...   more »