An aptly timed reissue for this classic hard rock album, given the band’s recent reformation and appearance at High Voltage earlier this year.

Originally released in 1994, when many British rock bands had been killed by the abomination called grunge, the band’s eponymous debut was produced by Keith Olsen and followed on from the band’s roots nicely – the band featured ex members of Jagged Edge/Tokyo Blade/Shogun (guitarist Myke Gray and Andy Robbins had been in Bruce Dickinson’s band too) and Kooga.

This was perhaps one of the best classic rock albums of the period, as the band didn’t entertain indie or alternative that was popular at the time, in fact the sound had more of a modern nod to the likes of Free and Zeppelin, and vocalist Neville McDonald certainly had the lungs to match. Openers Money and Shine Your Light On Me are full on, catchy, powerful and full of riffs.

House Of Love is slightly more American, a touch of cock rock, but it’s not overly done, a decent track.

It is a good album, and if not everyone’s cup of tea it was a breath of fresh air in the face of Nirvana.

The album is bolstered by band comments in the extensive sleevenotes, remastering, and 7 bonus tracks from period EPs. A damn fine job.

Joe Geesin