Burn The Sunset are a young melodic hardcore band that hail from Stirling in Scotland just a few miles away from me although I was oblivious to their existence until this, their debut album Home, arrived on my doormat. The five piece master in hard and heavy metalcore which they have honed over the last 3 years, playing numerous live gigs and gaining some notable support slots along the way.

The album consists of 8 tracks, opening with a short instrumental which leads into
Moving On which is a good representation of what the band are all about. The track contains heavy guitar, angular rhythms and plenty of melody. Other notable tracks on the album are Lonely And Defeated and The Changing Of Times which again display the bands sense of melody whilst remaining loud and hard.

Burn The Sunset are again another band entering an already fairly crowded genre of metal core, but on this album they certainly show a lot of promise, as to whether they have enough to help them rise above the rest remains to be seen.

Must keep an eye out in the local paper for their next round of gigs though.

David Wilson