I read through the accompanying blurb with this album before I played it and the following words jumped out at me, Lithuanian Avant-Garde Black Metal, words to strike fear in to most mortals but in the name of professionalism and curiosity it went straight in my CD player.

The album is the bands debut and consists of 5 tracks, the first being a spoken word intro followed by four musical pieces. I chose my words carefully there as the four tracks are way beyond mere songs all clocking in at around the ten minute mark and constructed more like musical movements than individual songs which fits in with the conceptual nature of the album, just don
t ask me to explain the concept !

The music is dark , heavy and at time challenging, but it all comes together beautifully. The phrase
order from chaos sprung to mind at times as seemingly disjointed rhythms and riffing weave together into heavy and brutal clarity. Playing throughout all the pieces are rather sinister piano parts which do lend the music a bit of a slightly unhinged and chilling edge, it gets the hairs on the back of the neck standing to attention at times.

This album is definitely not for everyone, it is a sonic feast but one that most will no doubt find hard to swallow. For me, I thought it was a cracker and if you want something that will hold your interest, challenge you aurally and push the boundaries, then you need some Inquisitor in your life.

David Wilson