Two albums on one CD, and album numbers 2 and 3 for this late 60s Sunshine Pop band. Formed in Chicago, Illinois, USA in the mid 60s, they mixed west coast/psychedelia with bubblegum pop, beat and orchestration. Releasing albums in 1967 alone, they were one of the most listened to bands of the era.

Time & Charges opens with Don’t You Care and Pitted Be The Dragon Hunter, it’s easy, melodic and dramatic all together. The brass adds to the drama, while the gentler moments are a little more whimsical.

Portraits, the third album released that year, opens with the rockier C’Mon. The brass/orchestration is still there but this is more guitar / keys / drums oriented, and some nice vocal harmonies too.

Good value with 2 albums a single disc, and a good idea of what was big bag then. I feel this was America trying to beat the British Invasion at the time.

Joe Geesin