Damian Wilson is currently the vocalist in the rather good Threshold and has in the past worked with Rick Wakeman, Ayreon and Star One amongst others. Now we have this two CD collection of his solo music although if you are expecting some prog metal think again as this is a true solo album sounding nothing like any of his current or previous bands.

Even for fans this is a 'must have' as there are new versions, demo versions and previously unreleased songs on here, nearly half of the 31 songs on offer. Where to start? The live from rehearsal version of 'Please Don't Leave Me 'Till I Leave You' is a hit-in-waiting if Radio 2 ever got wind of it. The jaunty piano and quick beat make it perfect for radio. 'Light In The Middle' is another one with a decent beat and again perfect for radio.

There are a lot of reflective acoustic numbers and listening to 'Never Close The Door' and 'Array Of Lights' bring a tear to the eye, whilst 'When I Leave This Land' really does move the listener. How can one person come up with so many moving and beautiful songs? The short but sweet 'Naturally' reminded me of Mike Peters in solo mode, as does 'Homegrown' - love the musical arrangement on this one. I could go on about each track but get the CD and let the music do the talking...

Neatly packaged in a digipak and a nice touch to have his dad write a short piece about his son and his music on the inlay sleeve.

I can honestly say there is not one duff song on this two CD set and it deserves a pride of place in your music collection. Damian Wilson is one of our better singer/songwriters and this is a perfect celebration of his undoubted talent.

Jason Ritchie