You Me At Six is personally one of my favorite bands and as this is their third album, I was delighted to review it!

Sinners Never Sleep has a different feel to the album compared to YMAS previous records. It shows a different side to the band and is more rock to their old pop/punk style. However, this change has not been an unwise move. The lyrics show lots of emotion and lyrics that fans can relate to and with amazing guitar solos,great vocals & awesome riffs,this is a little masterpiece on a disc.

Unlike most other modern bands, You Me At Six's songs have a special element to them.The songs are very powerful and addictive to listen to which urges the listener to turn their MP3 up to full volume!

If you like Paramore, I would recommend that you try out You Me At Six. At the 2010 Leeds Festival, the vocalists from Paramore (Hayley Williams) and You Me At Six (Josh Franceschi) sang a YMAS song as a duet...check it out!
Overall, I think Sinners Never Sleep has been a huge success. It shows emotion, the bands hard work and a view of the band from a different perspective. You Me At Six have shown their talents in yet another amazing record. I hope there is more to come!

Jasmine Ritchie