Yes, strange as it may sound, Boguslaw Balcerak is his real name. He is a Pole who is the mastermind behind the Crylord project, which is touted as neoclassical metal. This is the outfit’s debut album.

This is indeed neoclassical metal, in the vein of Yngwie Malmsteen’s early works. Balcerak’s guitar tone is a deadringer for Yngwie and the influence is further underlined with the addition of three vocalists: Carsten Schultz (sounds like early JSS in places), Mark Boals and Goran Edman (both of whom had performed vocal duties for Yngwie in the past).

While the Yngwie influence is heavy, the quality of the songs is breathtaking, with a more dramatic feel to the album than one would expect. Where there are places on the album that the tone is light and the guitar solos fly, there are other numbers which are heavier and sombre and plod along.

This is a fine debut from the Polish guitarist. If you’re a neoclassical fan who enjoys Yngwie’s earlier works, look no further than this.

Nick van der Meulen