Evergrey reach fifteen years as a band, although only Tom S Englund remains as the sole original member and in 2010 all but Englund and keyboard player Rikard Zander quit the band.

They released a new album ‘Glorious Collusion’ earlier this year (three songs from the album make it onto this 24 song compilation) and songs form that album feature as the two previously unreleased songs ‘Wrong’ and ‘Frozen’ – both live unplugged versions and sounding as though the drummer was using upturned biscuit tins on 'Frozen'! I am not sure these two songs alone would entice existing fans of the band to but this CD but for those new to the band this is the perfect starting point. The band have a prog meets gothic metal sound and songs like ‘Recreation Day’ and ‘A Touch Of Blessing’ (the guitar solo is one of the finest the band have done) demand to be heard combining sharp riffs and the unmistakable voice of Tom S Englund.

The good thing about Evergrey’s music is that they can be ruffing metal one minute before dropping the tone and bringing the piano/keys to the fore for a ballad, albeit with through provoking lyrics, like on ‘Waking Up Blind'.

This should hopefully propel the band further onwards and upwards as they have never quite got the recognition they deserve to date. Seeing as this is being sold at a single CD price point you have no excuse now to discover the wondrous music of Evergrey.

Jason Ritchie