Antipodean thrashers 4 Arm have been peddling their wares for the past 8 years and have gathered a good fan base and a number of equipment endorsements along the way. This is the band’s 3rd album, the others being 2005‘s ‘13 Scars’ and ‘The Empires Of Death’ from 2009 and it has been mixed by Matt Hyde who can also count Machine Head and Slipknot amongst his clientele.

This record oozes quality from the off with an excellent sound mix which brings out all the elements of the band’s sound. Thrash is the name of the game here with more than a nod towards early Metallica and Slayer. Slayer would appear to have had the biggest influence on the band with songs like the album title track ‘ Submission For Liberty’ and the punchy ‘I Will Not Bow, sounding like they could have been recorded at the sessions for ‘Hell Awaits‘.

Closing track ‘ Blood Of The Martyrs’ is one of the strongest on the album, building from a quiet acoustic beginning to a crescendo of blistering fast riffs and rock solid rhythms. This is a song I am sure that Lars and James would have been happy to pen, yup these guys really are that good.

This album should see 4 Arm becoming a well known name worldwide with the right promotion and a few well placed support slots. 4 Arm ready to smash the world, you heard it here first !

David Wilson