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View Article  THUNDERSTICK - Echoes From The Analogue Asylum

 Finding notoriety with Samson (after a brief stint with Iron Maiden), the mask clad Thunderstick was perhaps better known for his image than his drumming skills, which is a shame because he’s actually quite thunderous.


After leaving Samson he formed his own band and recorded the Feels Like ...   more »

View Article  FREEDOM CALL - Land Of The Crimson Dawn

Classic operatic melodic power metal at its absolute best. Don’t believe me, go check it out.  Freedom Call’s seventh studio album is as strong as ever, melodic and captivating.


From the outset, it’s less gothic than the previous Shadow King opus, and less thrashy than 2007’s Dimensions, but it ...   more »

View Article  VENGEANCE - Crystal Eye

Solid Dutch metal with a stellar cast and a decent follow up to their 2009 album Soul Collector. Hard to believe this band have been going 30 years now, and they still sound good.


With vocalist Leon Goewie is bassist Chris Glen (MSG, SAHB), guitarist Keri Kelli (Alice Cooper) ...   more »