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View Article  HOUSE OF SHAKIRA - HoS
Five years on since their last album 'Retoxed' House Of Shakira are back. The band's line-up has changed radically as well with former Mind's Eye vocalist Andreas Novak joining the band, along with Basse Blyberg and Martin Larsson on bass and drums. These new members join the guitar duo of ...   more »
View Article  SKARLETT RIOT - Villain
Hailing from that most rocking of towns, Scunthorpe, Skarlett Riot will shortly be unleashing their second EP to their ever expanding fan base. The female fronted four piece play melodic hard rock in the vein of Paramore and Halestorm. They have gained a lot of exposure over the last year ...   more »
View Article  FIREFALLDOWN - These Wounds
Firefalldown are a trio from London who have been treading the boards for a few years now. This is the band’s latest single which will be the title track from their forthcoming album.

Soundwise the three piece blend a bit of the Chili Peppers with a smattering of nu metal ...   more »
View Article  VENOM - Fallen Angels

Venom, now there is a name from the past. My earliest encounter with Cronos and co was way back on the early 80
s Channel 4 rock programme ECT playing Too Loud For The Crowd, happy days.

The band have been through a lot ...   more »
View Article  VAN HALEN - Tattoo
So Van Halen are (finally!) back with a new album 'A Different Kind Of Truth' due in early February (7th in the US) and this song, 'Tattoo' is the lead single. It is very much a family affair with Wolfgang Van Halen on bass with the master showman David Lee ...   more »
View Article  FORMER - The Kids Deserve Cable
Former hail from the home of country music, Nashville, but there is little of that city’s musical heritage evident in this the band’s second album. The band are billed as pop/rock and quote Cheap Trick, The Wildhearts and Elvis Costello as influences.

Their sound though owes more to Feeder than ...   more »
View Article  DARKER HALF - Desensitized
Darker Half are a heavy metal band from the land down under, Sydney to be exact, but their influences are most definitely from the northern hemisphere. The band owe a lot to early Maiden more than anything else with a raw metal sound, twin guitar delivery and screaming vocals. Just ...   more »
View Article  TARJA TURUNEN & HARUS - In Concert Live A Sibelius Hall
Tarja Turunen, as most people will no doubt know, was front women of Nightwish, a heavy metal band with major classical overtones. Tarja’s vocal delivery has always been very much in an operatic style, which was perfect for the majestic sound of Nightwish and on this DVD and CD package ...   more »