Fourth Autumn are clearly a band with a with a sense of humour, all be it of the black variety. This is the Welsh death metaller’s debut album and the band describe their sound as a mix of Behemoth, The Black Dahlia Murders and Cradle Of Filth with, and I quote ‘ a slight peppering of Rick Astley, for added brutality’. The guys have also spent some time on the song titles as well with classics like ‘ Rotting Hill’, ‘Coffin Fit’, ‘Mourning Wood’ and my particular favourite, ’ Don’t Stop Bereavin’
However, these guys are serious when it comes to the music they make which is heavy, black metal with vocals from the Dani Filth school, but counter pointed with a second vocalist who has a far lower and gruffer delivery, combined they compliment each other well. The band play amazingly well, are as tight as a duck’s rear end and have excellent melodies mixed with solid riffing. The lead guitar playing of Jason ( no surname supplied, but he looks like he works out, so I won’t force the issue ) is impressive throughout.

This, then, is a cracker of a debut album which, if you are partial to a bit of death metal of the Filth kind, will be right up your ( dark ) alley. Can’t wait for the Glee version of ‘Don’t Stop Bereavin.

David Wilson