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View Article  NITROGODS - S/T
A three piece band featuring former Thunderhead/Primal Fear guitarist Henny Wolter, Freedom Call's drummer Klaus Sperling (who was also in Primal Fear with Wolter) and on bass/vocals Oimel Larcher, who sang in former Motorhead guitarist's 'Fast' Eddie Clarke's band. Clarke guests on one song on the album and Larcher's vocals ...   more »
View Article  Damn Vandals - The Beautiful Mind EP
Following on from two previous singles, Damn Vandals are about to release this 4 track EP. Their previous singles have gained critical acclaim from various sources including none other than Tom Robinson on Radio 6.

The 4 tracks on offer here sound like they were penned by Frank Black, there ...   more »
View Article  History Of Guns - Whatever You Do, Don’t Turn Up At Twelve
This is a confusing album. The band have been together for 16 years and although I follow music closely I had never come across the name before. This is History Of Guns' fourth album and looking at the bands Wiki page there have been plenty of singles and even a ...   more »
View Article  Model Society - Horizons
This is the latest single from London based rockers Model Society. This is a one track affair and it s not too bad, sounding a bit Bloc Party-like spliced with a healthy dose of the Levellers. The song has a good melody and a hooky chorus, there is a ...   more »