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View Article  Run From Robots - Rust
Pop punksters Run From Robots are about to release this, their debut album. The ten tracks on offer here will be familiar to anyone who has ever listened to Good Charlotte, Blink 182 etc, etc. The band go for the twin vocal approach as with most bands of this ilk ...   more »
View Article  SEP7EMBER - Strange Ways Of Going Home
This is the debut album from Sep7ember who are billed as a “rapidly rising new German melodic punk band”. With this information, I was expecting some high octane pop punk in the mould of Green Day but instead I got what sounds like a Bush tribute act.

Having said that, ...   more »
View Article  KLOGR - Til You Decay
Klogr are an Italian rock/ metal project which came together in 2010 under the watchful eye of frontman Gabriele “Rusty” Rustichelli who appears to have had a hand in several alternative projects in Italy. This album is part of a larger project involving 10 video presentations of the band’s sound....   more »
View Article  Danny Bryant’s Redeye band - Night Life Live In Holland
Danny Bryant started young on his chosen path, turning professional at the tender age of 18. Now 13 years on and still only 31, he has released 7 albums to date, and this, his latest offering, was recorded live in Rosmalen, Holland, on 17th Sept 2011 to be exact....   more »