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View Article  10 Q's with TREVOR JONES

Trevor Jones releases his new album 'Ghost Of Song' in March and it is highly recommended, as is his blog which you can access here

1.    What are you currently up to?

As well as lining up the release of ‘Ghost of Song’ for early March, I’m working on ...   more »

View Article  STRAYLINGS ‘Entertainment On Foreign Grounds’

The band released a debut EP in 2011 which received rave reviews and they release this, their full debut album in March. The Straylings are a duo consisting of vocalist Dana Zeera and guitarist Oliver Drake.


An album of definite interest to those who enjoy PJ Harvey and the ...   more »

View Article  10 Q's with ED HALE

1. What are you currently up to?

a.       Currently up to our necks is what we’re up to! Total madness. But a very cool kind. Semi-controlled madness. Just a lot of incredible things happening right now all at the same time. It’s a thrill and a rush for sure. But it ...   more »