CRIMES OF PASSION ‘To Die For’ DR2 Records (2012)


Crimes Of Passion return with their second album and two new members – guitarists Charles Staton and Harry Griffths, after original guitarist Andy Lindsay left the band.


The band mix classic metal riffs with a more modern metal sheen, none more so than on ‘Body And Soul’ which sounds like Ten meets Avenged Sevenfold, being highly melodic metal/hard rock. ‘Blown Away’ appears twice, the shortened single and the extended album version which adds a little more guitar and pomp to the song. Saxon’s Biff Byford pops up to add his vocal talents to another melodic metal treat ‘Blackened Heart’. They even throw in a decent ballad with ‘Love Is To Die For’.


This album is certainly a big step up for the band and with a new cover artwork by Hugh Gilmour (he’s done a few Whitesnake and Iron Maiden covers amongst others) the whole package has a professional and big budget air about it. Backed by some live dates Crimes Of Passion look set to gain more recognition for their music.


Jason Ritchie