Irish trio, Dead Label, formed in 2008, won a nationwide battle of the bands the following year and released an EP in 2010. This album release then is the natural progression for the band and one they hope will move the band up to the next rung on the ladder to success.

Metal/ grindcore is the bands weapon of choice in the aural assault on your ears, claiming influences including Machine Head and Lamb Of God. Listening to the album though it sounds as though they are also listening to newer nu metal bands like Bring Me The Horizon and Rise To Remain as this appears to be the basis for the band’s sound.

All three in the band know the way around their instruments and create some quality music, drummer Claire Percival in particular puts in an excellent performance, but the other two, Dan on bass and Danny on guitar also put in a solid shift. Song wise, of the 12 tracks here the best are the album title track ‘ Sense of Slaughter’ and ‘ Self Immolation’ although all are worth a listen.

As debut albums go this should cement Dead Label’s current standing and will no doubt win them some new friends at the same time, but they have a way to go yet to really shine and stand out in what is an overcrowded genre.

David Wilson