A band from Manchester featuring Noel Fraser (vocals, guitar, keyboards, mandolin), Andy Chemney (drums. backing vocals), Steve Ferguson (guitar, backing vocals) and Mark Murray (bass). They cover a multitude of musical styles from rock to folk and blues and they already have a fan in ‘Classic Rock’s’ Dave Ling.


For a good dose of rock try ‘Starting Out’ and the next song ‘Best Of Friends’, a song with a particularly biting lyric. The vocal performance on ‘How Does It Feel’ is top notch and it reminded me a lot of Lindisfarne in their prime. ‘In Good Time’ is a tasty piece of blues rock whilst the addition of sax on ‘Promise Not To Cry’ again see the band try another musical avenue, this time a little blues and gospel.


Very refreshing to have a band that is not afraid to try various musical styles and not be easily pigeonholed, although this can sometimes work against a band such is the nature of the music industry! Highly recommended and a must for lovers of quality music.


Jason Ritchie