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View Article  PAIN OF SALVATION (Daniel Gildenlow) INTERVIEW
When I was guided by Pain Of Salvation’s label rep to the band’s tour bus to do an already scheduled interview with mainman Daniel Gildenlow, I expected to find the tall Swede his normal energetic self, not downing a hot bowl of soup and medication! Daniel of course, being the chatty and accommodating interviewee that he always is, ensured that our latest encounter was once again an enjoyable one, explaining along the way how we ended up witnessing another line-up change in the band’s history, the difficulties that he had to battle through on both a personal and professional level these last couple of months and also explaining the reasons that lead him to fight on at times when most mere mortals would simply have given up. If you are already a fan of this great band, this interview will offer further justification for your support and, hopefully, if you have never even heard of the Eskilstuna-based outfit before, it will give you an incentive to catch up on twenty one years of soulful and highly skilful music!   more »
View Article  Goatwhore interview
The new album, Blood For the Master, is being released on Valentine’s Day. Was this intentional or sheer coincidence? Personally, I can think of no better Valentine’s gift than a new Goatwhore album.

Actually it is pretty much a unique coincidence.  Metal Blade has a release schedule and it just ...   more »
View Article  ORPHANED LAND (Yiossi Sassi) INTERVIEW
Orphaned Land is a band that is famous for its unique blend of Oriental sounding Metal and the high energy performances that they have been giving ever since they first came together as a band twenty years ago. In view of the recent release of their quite impressive DVD “The ...   more »
View Article  NAPALM DEATH (Mark “Barney” Greenway) INTERVIEW
2011 has been quite a fulfilling year in terms of impressive album releases and good quality live shows and as someone who grew up supporting the extreme Metal scene I could not think of a better way to end it other than attending a Napalm Death gig at the legendary ...   more »
View Article  LOCK UP (Anton Reisenegger) INTERVIEW
Anton Reisenegger is one of the most pleasant people you can ever wish to meet in the music industry. When not recording albums with either Criminal or Pentagram (Chile), his ‘own’ musical projects, Anton handles guitar duties for the Grind legends Lock Up who earlier in 2011 released their latest ...   more »
View Article  GORGOROTH (Pest & Infernus) INTERVIEW
It is very rare for me to find myself in the situation that I have to do an interview with a band for an album that I have not yet listened to but in the case of Gorgoroth the circumstances were pretty special, as the album in question is a ...   more »
View Article  THE DEVIL’S BLOOD (Selim Lemouchi) INTERVIEW
 There are only a handful of albums that managed to create such a massive impression on me as “The Thousandfold Epicentre”, the second studio album of the Dutch Occult Rockers The Devil’s Blood, so grabbing the opportunity of doing an interview with the band was a no brainer. When I ...   more »
View Article  THE QUILL (Mags, Christian, Jolle & Robert) INTERVIEW
When my good friend Mike asked me to arrange an interview with the members of a band called The Quill, I did so without having listen to a single note of their latest album “Full Circle” – an album that I came to truly love as it is a classic ...   more »
View Article  SYMPHONY X interview - Jason Rullo

When the American Progressive/Heavy Metal quintet Symphony X first released the amazing “Paradise Lost” back in 2007 I was one of those people who felt that the New Jersey outfit had pretty much reached the pinnacle of their creativity. Three years later the band decided to prove us all wrong ...   more »

View Article  DARK TRANQUILITY interview - Mikael Stanne
Mikael Stanne has a reputation of being not only one of the best frontment in Death Metal but also one of the kindest and most accommodating people in the music business – something that I eventually had to find out for myself, especially seeing as I have been supporting Dark ...   more »
View Article  PAIN OF SALVATION (Daniel Gildenlow) INTERVIEW
The ability to embrace change is an important quality for any Prog-orientated band to have, especially so if that band happens to be as brave and musically diverse as the Swedish powerhouse Pain Of Salvation. When I arranged to do an interview with founding member and mastermind Daniel Gildenlow, I ...   more »