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Interview: TONY IOMMI

Rock Stars...

Tony Iommi is often referred to as the founding father of heavy-metal. For thirty years plus he has been churning out signature guitar riffs and is best known for his work in Black Sabbath.

His new project with Glenn Hughes is called 'Fused' and is released on July 11. Thanks to Leslie Gilotti for sorting the interview.

How did the new project come together with Glenn Hughes?

It came together basically off the back of the Dep sessions. I already had plans to make a solo album - it seemed that Glenn was the ideal person to use for the album and we have a good relationship so we went ahead.

The albumís excellent, is it the sound and direction you were looking for?

Yes, Iím very happy with the way it has gone, particularly the last track where it is a bit longer and a bit more riff-orientated.

Glenn Hughes has been closing recent gigs with a great rendition of Seventh Star. Even been tempted to join him for that?

Maybe one day! Or when we do our own tour.

Whatís the current situation with Black Sabbath?

Weíre on tour for another 3 months in America.

Tony Iommi

Did you ever have any interest in The Osbournes TV show?

No, I watched it a couple of times, but like Iíve always said, I've seen it first hand for 35 years.

Any future plans for Black Sabbath?

Hopefully, yes

You must have heard about the recent discoveries of tapes and even some acetates from 1969, some when you must have still been Earth. Did you record much material back then?

Not really.

Is there much more in the vaults from the Earth/Sabbath transition? Or even from later Sabbath incarnations?

Thereís some more Earth rehearsal stuff, only from a couple of gigs, but certainly later Sabbath stuff Iíve got a lot of.

What came first; Black Sabbath the name of the band or Black Sabbath the song?

I think it was the song that came first.

Two of my favourite Sab sets are Technical Ecstasy and Born Again, which are grossly underrated. How do you think they stand up?

Iíve always liked Technical Ecstasy anyway because I was involved a lot in that with the production and everything. Born Again, I think thereís some great tracks on it. I like it, I just wasnít happy with the sound when we finished as there were a few mastering problems.

What was it like working with Brian May when he guested with Sabbath?

Horrible (laughs)! No, it was great. He is a great friend and he has been for many years. Itís always great to do things together with Brian.

The Comic Relief single The Stonk must have been fun to do. Any interesting stories from that?

Well, I donít know about interesting stories, but it was nice to work with all the guys that were involved on it - Brian May, my old mates Neil Murray and Cozy Powell, Hale and Pace.

Did you ever record anything with Jethro Tull when you briefly played with them?

Just the Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus movie

Tony Iommi

Cozy Powell once told me that Headless Cross was a great album to do; how do you rate it?

I think it was a great album, really great. It was our first step on the ladder with Cozy and everybody, it was a really great album to do.

What are your own future plans; Sabbath or solo or otherwise?

Once weíve done this Sabbath tour, and after Iíve had a break weíll do some solo stuff with Glenn- some touring - and definitely another album. Sabbath wise - who knows?!

Any message for your fans?

No (laughs)! Seriously, thanks for sticking in there with me and being there all the years that some of the old ones have been; the new ones are very welcome too. Hope you are all pleased with the new album.

Interview © 2005 Joe Geesin

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