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Chris Singleton

Chris Singleton returns with his new album and his band now have a name too, the Distractions. For me the melody is first and foremost which may expalin why I love melodic rock and pop rock above all other musical genres. Chris Singleton is one of the best exponents of penning catchy pop rock tunes around today, along with Willie Dowling (Jackdaw4), Neil Hannon (The Divine Comedy) and at the heavier end Ginger (the Wildhearts). Add to this everyday lyrics that most listeners can relate to and you're on to a winner.

The first thing that hits you is the sheer amount of music going on be it the Bowie like backing vocals on 'Lose It' or the slap bass intro on 'Bad Ambitions'. A big step up on 'Twisted City' which had a more stripped back sound.

The songs are just as strong as on 'Twisted City' with some sure fire radio hits (if only mainstream radio stations would play them!) like 'Lose It', a lovely 90's Madchester vibe on this one and the title track, an instant hit on the ears.

Another interesting development are the backing vocals which really add to many of the songs none more so than on 'Blood'. Check out those vocal harmonies - this song is what headphones were invented for! 'Saturday' mixes a mellow pop rocker with a driving riff. Simple but oh so effective. 'Lou Reed' tips a hat to one of Chris Singleton's musical influences with a humorous lyric.

'Twisted City' had a great set of songs, as does this new album but this album gets the nod for the musical depth. If there was any justice in the music world Chris Singleton and the Distractions should be household names.


Review by Jason Ritchie

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