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STEEL PANTHER Feel The Steel Island (2009)

Steel Panther

The band have been going under various guises before including Metal Skool and underneath their stage names lies some very talented musicians including vocalist Michael Starr (Ralph Saenz ex-LA Guns) and guitarist Satchel (Russ Parrish ex-Fight). The band celebrate all that it late 80’s glam metal albeit in a Spinal Tap style and if this album had been released back then Tipper Gore and the PMRC would have had nervous breakdowns listening to the lyrics. They are like a US version of the Macc Lads lyrically with most songs focused around the singer’s tackle.

The songs are hooked fill and have sing-a-long choruses albeit not ones you’d repeat in front of children! ‘Death To All But Metal’ is a classic and I am very surprised the legal teams of Madonna, Dr Dre and the Goo Goo Dolls to name but a few aren’t on the case as they get lambasted in the song. An extremely funny song with some nifty guitar to keep the metal quota up.

The power ballad ‘Community Property’ starts off with some great lines like ‘I’d reach for the stars for you but there to far’ before telling his loved one he is all hers apart from his c**k which is community property. Throw in some strings, harmonies and you’ve got a ballad to blow many bands out of the water. ‘Party All Day’ could be Bon Jovi if they had a love of filthy words. Again the music is so damn catchy.

The singer must have bad luck with his women as ‘Fat Girl’ recalls how he ended up with a large girl after a gig (due to the fact she had a car) and in ‘Turn Out The Lights’ he asks his loved one to turn out said lights as she makes him sick, charming man. ‘The Shocker’ gives out some sex education tips whilst the acoustic ‘Girl From Oklahoma’ sounds like Extreme but not lyrically that’s for sure!

A fantastic set of songs but do be warned if you are easily offended take care! Yes they are taking a good natured swipe at the whole glam metal era but in good jest and the music really is top notch. I doubt you’ll hear a finer set of songs in this genre all year.


Review by Jason Ritchie

Best of 2009

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