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Cambridge Rock Festival

Barton, Cambridgeshire Friday 7 August

Mostly Autumn, photo by Andrew Lock

Still damp from Thursday's rain torrents Haggis Farm Polo Club, the new home for the Cambridge Rock Festival, was the venue for my first Mostly Autumn show for 12 months.

This was by far the longest gap between shows since discovering the band in November 2002 playing a pub gig in my hometown of Leamington Spa.

It took 30 seconds that night to realise two things - I would love this band and they would cost me a lot of money, both turned out to be true!

After a long delay due to the English weather the set started with the powerful opening track from the Heart Full of Sky album 'Fading Colours' such a powerful track to start shows that it will take something very special to shift it from this slot.

Mostly Autumn, photo by Andrew Lock

Three uptempo tracks in a row next to keep the pace up starting with 'Caught In a Fold' the ever popular number from the Passengers album and then a brace of tracks from current album Glass Shadows, 'Flowers For Guns' and the rocking 'Unoriginal Sin.'

Time to slow things down with 'Simple Ways' and then right back to 2001 with the sheer beauty of 'Half the Mountain' from The Last Bright Light.

Next up one of the greatest pieces of music you could wish for, the sublime 'Evergreen' which also includes in my opinion some of the finest rock guitar ever performed, of course by the guitar great that is Bryan Josh.

Back to the very start of the Mostly Autumn story with the opening track of their debut album For All We Shared the catchy 'Nowhere To Hide' and keeping the pace going with 'Answer the Question' always a good track for headbanging.

A real tear-jerker to follow the delicate and moving 'Above the Blue' written by Heather in memory of her Grandfather Matthew Findlay, unfortunately a small section of the crowd seemed intent on spoiling the moment with loud chatter which was a shame.

Last two numbers and what crackers, both powerful moving rock master pieces starting with 'Carpe Diem' written about the tragic Tsunami of Boxing Day 2004 and of course as usual the closing track Bryan's tribute to his late father 'Heroes Never Die.'

Tonight they did have a few electrical problems to contend with but like the true professionals they are they did not let it get to them and the whole band seemed happy and really up for the show.

Mostly Autumn, photo by Andrew Lock

Heather on lead vocals and Anne-Marie on just about everything - keyboards, guitar, backing vocals and flute - seemed to have had a style change since I last saw the band and both looked great as of course did the always lovely Olivia Sparnenn.

Of course the guys looked the part as well with the best dressed male award going to the king of keyboards Iain Jennings dressed all in black with shades.

Another memorable set by one of this country's finest rock acts that get nowhere near the recognition they deserve so, cheers, and I cannot wait for the next tour.

As usual festival organisers and volunteers were very helpful and friendly, we had a great selection of bands across three stages and of course a wide range of real ales. As I mentioned earlier the weather caused a few problems over the weekend but hopefully the sun will be out for next year.

Review and photos by Andrew Lock

Cambridge Rock Festival Review

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