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Bloodstock Festival, Sophie Lancaster Stage

16 August 2009

Michael Eden, photo by Ian Pollard

The last outing for Eden's Curse was support to Stratovarius and Firewind on tour in May, and with a December trip lined up (with Arthemis), and 'Hard Rock Hell', they are slowly but surely ramping things up and reaching a wider audience.

With two well-received albums, in a different musical climate I think the band would be huge. As it is, like many others, they are faced with the pleasures and pitfalls of being "the support band".

Paul Logue, photo by Ian Pollard

Having seen them last May in Manchester, when the sound was terrible, hopes were high that things would be sorted and that those great songs would shine through.

Disappointingly, in a forty minute set, the sound mix wasn't good. I cannot understand why - with modern technology - it is not possible to get things better. (Probably not a good comparison as they had probably imported some bearded Swedish audio boffin in a whitecoat, but the sound mix for headliners Europe was one of the best I've ever heard).

Thorsten Koehne, photo by Ian Pollard

As a result the subtleties of both vocal and instrumental interplay (such a great thing on their albums) was lost. Thorsten Koehne's guitar solos, for example, failed to cut through for the most part, although newcomer Alessandro del Vecchio's keyboards and harmonies provided a welcome respite.

This band, though, have what it takes, and they deserve better.  'The Second Coming' is easily one of the best melodic metal releases of the past year and has garnered glowing reviews from those who admire the first-rate musicianship and memorable songs.

Alessandro del Vecchio, photo by Ian Pollard

The band connect well with their audience too and it is plainly evident that the promise shown by that album is translated live, in fact the delivery could even exceed any expectations.

It was only by their second-to-last number 'Sail On' (poignantly dedicated to Sophie Lancaster by the band's vocalist Michael Eden) that the sound guy had discovered the appropriate faders and this became a highlight because you could actually hear what was going on. This was only temporary, however, because by the closing number - 'Angels and Demons' - he'd fallen asleep again.

Pete Newdeck, photo by Ian Pollard

There are really no excuses, and we see (or hear) it time and time again at gigs. Eden's Curse are not alone in this unwelcome and perhaps unwitting sabotage and it's not fair to any band.  I am no audio engineer, but it beggars belief.

What this gig demonstrated, is a salutary tale for any up and coming musician. All that preparation, travel and enthusiasm is literally killed off in the mix. Bring your own sound guy, from Sweden if necessary.

Jay Parmer, photo by Ian Pollard

For Eden's Curse it's an education, but December's headlining tour should sort things and gain a greater audience for their infectious blend of metal and melody. A great band that - if there is any justice - should get greater.

Review by David Randall

Photos by Ian Pollard

Bloodstock Sunday Photo Gallery

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David Randall, center, with Eden's Curse (photo Ian Pollard)

David Randall (centre, back) talks to Eden's Curse before their Bloodstock gig (Photo: Ian Pollard)
 (16 August 2009) (18:24) (Real Audio Player required)


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