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QUEENSRYCHE The Art Of Live(Sanctuary) (2004)
Big brother is watching you...


It was not long ago that the Seattle-based band released their latest live album 'The Art of Live'. Recorded while the band was touring for the promotion of the'Tribe' album, this live recording features fifteen tracks, most of which belong on the bandís latest studio album, and two beautiful cover songs performed on stage along with their long-time friends Dream Theater - 'Comfortably Numb' (Pink Floyd), and 'Wonít Get Fooled Again'(The Who).

At the same time, the decision was made that the band should film this concert in order to release a new DVD, which they did, and I now proudly hold in my hands.

Many of you may probably think: Why should I bother buying another live DVD from Queensryche? If you are a fan of this band, there is no point asking such a question, but for all the rest, the answer is quite simple.

It is very difficult nowadays to find another band that can easily match the quality of the live performances that this very talented US outfit produces. Queensryche are unique in what theyíre doing, and they prove that with every new release.

How different is 'The Art of Live' DVD from the bandís previous DVD releases, 'Live Evolution' and 'Operation Livecrime'?

Well, this time the band decided to create a different type of presentation, than the one on their two previous releases. Instead of using a professional camera crew, the band went for a different type of technology - robot cameras which recorded in black and white film. Many of these' little devils' were running across the stage while the band was performing, and recorded with great efficiency what was happening on stage.

By Scottís (Rockenfield: drums) own admission, the band didnít know what to expect from this new experiment of theirs, but I believe that they must have been extremely happy when they finally saw the results! The atmosphere of the recording is unique (something that I immediately felt, when I first listened to the CD), and it makes you feel like you were actually part of the live audience!

The track list will once again leave the fans of the band unhappy, but that is something that every Queensryche fan must have become used to by now (thatís the price you have to pay when your favourite band composes many great songs, and has been around for the last twenty years!). Even if the band had decided to release a triple DVD, there would still be people that would say 'oh, why didnít they play that one?'

Geoff and Co decided to give more emphasis to the 'Tribe' album, which is represented by 'Tribe', 'Open', 'Losing Myself', 'Desert Dance', 'The Great Divide', and the amazing 'Rhythm of Hope', which is the opening song of an acoustic section that also contains 'My Global Mind', 'Roads To Madness' and 'Della Brown'. The only difference is that the song 'Anybody Listening' that is part of the CD release, is not included in this DVD release, but I think that we will all find the strength to forgive them for that.

The band kept their performance at a high standard (not that we expected anything different from them anyway), and Mike Stone (guitars) was proven to be the right person to share the same stage with these legends.

The gig was quite successful judging by the reactions of the crowd, which also contributed to making the viewing of this DVD a very enjoyable experience. As for the two songs that they performed along with Dream Theater - no words can describe what took place on stage - you have to see that for yourselves.

The sound quality of this DVD is extremely good (Dolby Digital), and the final product also features a photo gallery, interview with the members of the band and behind the scenes footage.

I could be talking about this release for hours, but I donít see the point in doing so. Queensryche is one of the best live bands ever, and this live DVD is just another way of proving that.

I recently read in a review that Queensryche have become in recent years the long lost brother that you always wish to come back - no my friends, thatís not true!

Queensryche is the brother that has changed based on the experiences he has gained in his life, but who will always find a way to make you feel proud of him and his progress!


Review by John Stefanis

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