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QUEENSRYCHE ‘The Art Of Live’(Sanctuary Records 2004)


The last time Queensryche recorded a live album was in 2001, when they released the phenomenal double attack "Live Evolution". Three years later, and after completing another successful tour for the promotion of the amazing "Tribe" album, the band from Seattle returns with another masterpiece called "The Art of Live". Recorded throughout the ĎTribeí tour, including in the London Astoria, this fourteen-track album contains some of the most important songs in the bandís career, with a special reference to "Tribe", something totally understandable - especially since the band was touring in order to promote the album.

A very interesting drum theme by Scott Rockenfield will introduce you to "Tribe", the opening track of the album. The band is in its element, as always. Tateís voice, untouched by the influence of time, delivered the goods once again, and brought the first goosebumps to my body.


I was really happy to see that the band decided to include a song from the "Hear in the Now Frontier" album, that of "Sign of the Times". I understand that many people found it quite difficult to bond with this album, but I still believe that it deserves more appreciation from the fans of the band. By the end of the day, what we all love about Queensryche, is the fact that they never subjected themselves to any laws, rules or trends, and for me "Hear in the "Open" is the second representative of the bandís latest album, and the first song I really got hooked on .

Do you know the feeling when youíre walking down the street singing Ďthatí tune, thinking that noone can hear you, and then opening your eyes simply to realise that everyoneís staring at you? Thatís exactly what this track will do to you! Excellent band vocals, and once again a great performance by Tate.

The parade of songs from the bandís latest studio albums continues with "Loosing Myself", "Desert Dance" and the "Great Divide", right before Michael Wilton grabs his acoustic guitar to play the opening theme of "Rhythm of Hope". Itís songs like this that make you realise the greatness of this band, and leave you to helplessly move your soul to the rhythms of such an amazing composition. The acoustic versions of "My Global Mind", the unique "Roads To Madness" and the quite sophisticated "Della Brown" pave the way for what I can only describe as a lifetime experience - an excellent performance of "Anybody Listening".

People should remember that being a real musician is not just a job, itís a God given gift, and in Tateís case, God was more than generous. I was always proud to call myself a Queensryche fan, but performances such as this make me feel proud of being a human being! After I managed to pull myself together, the band took me on a small trip back to the 80ís when they recorded what I consider to be the best Heavy Metal album ever - Operation Mindcrime. I know that this is a big statement on my part, but much greater are the feelings I get when I listen to this album. This time it was "Breaking the Silence" and "The Needle Lies" that carried the heavy burden of representing this magnificent album, and they definitely managed to achieve this, judging by the reaction of the crowd.

Being totally unpredictable, the band chose "Best I Can" as the closing song of this sixty eight-minute album, and left me once again begging for more. There should be no doubt as to the music abilities of this band. Queensryche are leaders, not followers. They are one of those band that belong on stage, and thatís why I believe that "Art of Live" is the most suitable title for this album.

The only problem that I have, and I canít see how this would ever change, is that the band has releases so many excellent compositions that it would take a five CD album to make me feel satisfied. Queensryche are on the road as we speak. If you want to experience what a unique live performance is all about, I would suggest that you buy your tickets right now. I already have mine and I look at them every time before I go to bed. Itís not often that you get the chance to take a trip to the world of emotions, my friends!


Review by John Stefanis

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