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Interview: Kai Jaakkola (Deathbound)

Pure metal...interviews

Deathbound recently re-released their excellent debut album "To Cure The Sane With Insanity", so vocalist Kai Jaakkola had some questions to answer regarding the re-release, as well as the new album due out soon and their plans to tour.

Some of your members were in Unbound in the early 90's - how did you become Deathbound?

Kai-Well it's all about name changes really and to say that this is a new band by almost the same guys. Unbound differed in style quite alot, not that it wasn't brutal but it was different kind of brutality I would say. We are of course still proud of the past, not like some other people tend to not want to talk about it too much.

You've been through a couple of line-up changes but you've had the same band members since 2005 so things are obviously more settled. Is it easier to get together and rehearse now?

Kai-Yes everything is settled now, the hurricane of band member changes has calmed down. It's a really big relief, cause it mostly goes disturbes your nerves when people come and go. As we are a growing band and have no plan to stagnate any time soon. We don't rehearse as much as we would like, but enough to get our shit together when needed.

Your band members seem to like a lot of diverse bands. How did you settle on your current style of music?

Kai- Basically cause the style we play is what we all love to play, that's the main reason for starting this band in the first place. We add some spice with our different tastes, but I doubt that it can be heard that easily.

You made a split single with label-mates Deathchain. How did that come about?

Kai- Well we've done quite alot of gigs together with that band and they are the most fucking hilarious bunch of people I know. Not to forget that they are also brilliant in want they do! I would say one of the most kick ass bands in SuomiFinlandPerkele!Then theres also the name resemblance and that they play different kind of music. So it's not just grind on both sides...

Why has your debut album 'To Cure The Sane With Insanity' been re-issued?

Kai- Well Woodcut sold out on the pressing they had and had no plans to press anymore,which was totally retarded we thought. As Dynamic Arts liked it so much they decided to press it themselves, we thought that it would be a good idea to have some bonus stuff on it. The biggest reason is of course that although the good response from everywhere, it didnt get the push of what it deserved. After the first week of it's release it has gotten more attention than during the whole 2-3 years Woodcut had it.

What made you decide to use Tuomo Povelainen for the layout & cover design of your albums? How did you discover his work?

Kai- Tuomo is the brother of our label boss Markus, he came with the idea. He's still cheap and does good work so we can't complain.

I understand you're recording a new album at the moment - how's that going and when will it be released?

Kai- The new album 'we deserve much worse' will be out in January, just in time for the Tour.

You have guest vocals on the new album too. What made you decide to ask people to perform guest vocals?

Kai- It's all about spices my dear friend all about spices and it's also fun (yes people, this is also about having a good time).

You co-produced 'To Cure The Sane'. Are you involved in the production of your new album?

Kai- Well the thing is that we have produced all the albums by ourselves, no arrangements have ever been changed or our sound idea. Everything is 100% ready when we hit the studio.

You're now with Dynamic Arts Records and your new album will be your third with them so I guess you like working with them? What made you change labels?

Kai- Well things sucked at WC, so what was the point in staying with them. We don't make too much money out of this, so why work with assholes? You probably got the point hehe.

You have quite a few videos online. Do you enjoy making them or is it a necessary evil?

Kai- I think it's good to make them, but they cost too much. Although we've been really lucky on the payment part, cause we know people in that business. But yeah it's nice to make them.

You played at the Tuska Open Air festival in 2005. What was that like?

Kai- Tuska is the best and has the highest priority of any band to get there, good organising,good everything. The show was great! Alot of mosh and a hangover to remember.

You're touring with Napalm Death in January 2007. Is that something you've always wanted to do? Who else would you like to tour with?

Kai- it's really great to get on this tour, as you can hear from our music. We just love that band! Hmm some other would be Black sabbath,Iron Maiden and such. But thats not ever gonna be possible I would say Entombed!

What are your greatest ambitions as a musician?

Kai- To make a better record everytime, to have a decent life, food on the table (and in the fridge).That's about it. I'm really low maintenance as you can see.

Anything else you'd like to say to your fans?

Kai- Go buy our albums and support! Stay heavy and come to the shows! You are completely free to do what we tell you!

Interview © December 2006 Amanda Hyne

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