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Ten Questions with...


Power Quest for me are one of the best power metal/melodic metal bands out there and as they have a new album out, 'Magic Never Dies' it seemed a good excuse to do another 10Q's with band member Steve Williams.

1. What are you currently up to?

Hi Jason! We are currently awaiting the European release of "Magic Never Dies", which has now been scheduled for July 25th and there will be no more delays. We have been quite frustrated that the fans have had to wait this long for the album over here, after the Japanese release in May. Our fans have been very understanding in this matter and appreciate the fact that these delays are not down to the band.

We are also working on a number of fronts to put some live shows together for the second half of this year. I can confirm that PQ will be appearing at Firefest 2 on November 26th at Nottingham Rock City, along with House of Lords, Danger Danger and Balance of Power amongst others.

2. Could you take us through the tracks on the new album 'Magic Never Dies' and any stories behind the songs?.


I had the melody and the basic arrangement for this piece quite early on in the writing process. We wanted something uplifting but a little bit different to a typical intro. While at the studio, Clive Nolan heard the piece and asked if he could orchestrate the whole thing for us.

Find My Heaven

The album opener proper and in many ways a typical Power Quest song, although the lead melody is played by the guitar rather than the keyboard. The solo section has a slightly classical feel to it which adds something extra I think.

Galaxies Unknown

Without doubt, this is the fastest song on the album. This one is about the idea of escaping a dying Earth in search of a new planet to call home.

Hold on to Love

The first of a couple of hard rock influenced tracks on the album, with a message that I think most of us can relate to in some way. Alessio's vocal performance on this is laden with emotion and the guitar solo has an almost Thin Lizzy type vibe to it.

Diamond Sky

Another fast song, this time composed by Andrea and Alessio which adds a slightly different flavour to proceedings. It's great to see some of the guys coming in with songs for PQ albums as well.

The Message

Beginning with an acoustic guitar solo and leading into a song about relationships and how being away for long stretches of time rarely works. The guy still loves the girl but he loves being on the road just as much.

Not necessarily about being a musician per se, but about anything that involved being away from home for long periods.


Stadium rock with a power metal edge! Very anthemic keyboard progression to open the song and lyrically the song is about no matter how tough things can get the fire in the soul or the human spirit just doesn't know when to give up.

Children of the Dream

This one is about how when we are children we have no cares in the world. Everything seems possible to us and no dream is too far from our grasp. The song goes on to tell how things change as we get older and wiser. Our perspective is tinged with reality, although at heart many of us are still children of the dream.

Strike Force

This song is asking what the hell can we do if we are trappedand cornered with nowhere to turn and the wolves are closing in. Call on the Strike Force to solve the problems. Another songwith prog metal tinges in places.

Another World

An Eastern theme opens the song before heading into a very catchy mid paced section. This song is about being trapped in another world, or is it the same world in the future? This is also the longest song on the album, clocking in at just under eight minutes.

Magic Never Dies

I just love the beginning to this track with the keyboard effect and guitar and then the drums and bass come in before the keyboards and guitars join in properly. This one is about how the art of magic has been lost over the years and centuries but the last of the mages "conjured a spell that would live forever" and sent himself into the future to ensure that magic survives.

3. How did you hook-up with Majestic Rock? What happened with your previous label Now & Then?

Things didn't exactly work out as we planned with Now and Then. To be honest, I'd rather not air the dirty laundry in public but I was extremely disappointed with how it all panned out. Moving swiftly on...

Majestic Rock and approached us in mid 2004 and we talked for a few months with them about various things and they seemed very enthusiastic about Power Quest and they have remained so as well. It actually makes a refreshing change to be able to contact people by telephone instead of getting the answer phone all the time! haha! I'm looking forward to seeing what they do once Magic Never Dies hits the stores.

4. How do you think the band have developed, both in terms of recording and playing live since the debut album?

Undoubtedly the band have come on in leaps and bounds in terms of studio and live work. Especially so in the studio. Alessio, Andrea, Steve and myself have been together for a few years now and we know how to get the best out of each other and this makes the whole studio process very fluid. The addition of new drummer Francesco Tresca has already enhanced this process as "Checco" is ultra professional when it comes to recording.

Of course, we would love to have played more live shows than we already have. This has been an area where we have had no label backing in the past at all and all shows that we have done have been arranged either through ourselves or through bands and promoters we know. Hopefully this side of things will take on greater significance for PQ because people who have come to see us play have always commented on how much fun they and the band have. Some European shows would be the next step up for PQ, hopefully supporting.

5. Have you seen an upswing in sales/interest in the power metal genre in the past couple of years? What other bands out there have impressed you and why?

In many ways there seems to be an opinion out there that there are too many power metal bands out there these days all doing the same thing, and while I take the point to a degree, I think you could argue the same case about most genres of metal and beyond. There has certainly been an upturn in interest in the UK that's for sure, but it still seems to be mainly Europe, South America and Asia that loves the genrethe most. Having said that there are some amazing fans in the USA and I even had an email from an island off the coast of Madagascar the other week!

In terms of bands who have impressed me within the power metal arena, we would be talking about Sonata Arctica,Edguy and Angra of the established acts, along with newer bands such as Axenstar, Timeless Miracle and an up and coming US band called Cellador. Although not power metal, Threshold and Dream Theater continue to fill me with awe! hehe!

6. What have been the most memorable gigs so far and why?

Obviously playing the main stage at Bloodstock 2003 was a big thing for Power Quest, as it gave us the opportunity to play to a big crowd for the first time. Playing a couple of shows with our good friends Threshold was one of the highlights of 2004. It was great to share a bus with these guys and to see Karl, Richard and the guys outside of Thin Ice studios. We also had a great time playing with Dream Evil and Labyrinth last November in London.

We made a lot of new friends and fans at these shows, and the bands we played with treated us very well too and we made firm friends in that area as well.

7. When composing songs do you work better on your own and then take the idea to the band or do the band bounce ideas of each other when it comes to songwriting?

Given the nature of the band ie 3 members living in Italy, Steve in London and myself in Southampton, we don't get together for rehearsals or writing sessions in the way that a band based in the same city would do.

As a result I do the majority of my writing on my own and then take the material to Steve and run it by him to see what his opinion is and from there we send the songs over to the guys so they can begin adding their ideas to the arrangements. It's a system that seems to work quite well for us. When we are in the studio everyone is involved in the arranging of the material and that is when we really bounce ideas off each other to the max.

8. How do you feel you have come on musically since Power Quest started out?

I think everyone in the band has come on in leaps and bounds musically over the past few years. Personally I feel that my songwriting has developed considerably since the debut album and I really feel that we have started to define our sound as something a little bit different to the other melodic power metal. I think that you never stop developing as a musician and I'm always looking for new ideas and inspiration when it comes to writing.

Obviously technique and practice are a vitally important factor as well but I do believe that the "song" is much more important than technique for techniques sake. You have to have a great melody first and foremost. Lyrically as well I believe we have incorporated a lot more "real life" issues on the new album.

9. Read any good books lately?

I've actually been pretty poor on the reading front this year as I just haven't had the time between PQ, the day job and everything else in between. Phillip Pullman was the last author I read though and a good read it was too. (Note to self: Must make more time to read! hehe!)

9. Message for your fans?

I'd like to thank all our fans around the world who have been so supportive and encouraging over the past 4 years, especially our fan club members and everyone who has taken time out to send emails and post on our forum. I really hope you all enjoy "Magic Never Dies" and I look forward to hearing what you all think of the record.

Hope to catch up with as many of you as possible on the road later this year. Without you guys, I wouldn't be writing these words now. Thanks again to you Jason for the opportunity to do this interview for "Get Ready to Rock" and I hope to catch up with you later this year as well. Cheers!

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Interview © 2005 Jason Ritchie/
Format and edit: The Music Index.

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