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Long serving guitarist Scott Gorham has kept the Lizzy legend alive, since the sad death of bassist Phil Lynott. The band (also featuring singer/guitarist John Sykes) are still touring successfully.

A Greatest Hits DVD is being issued by Mercury on 4 July, featuring many promo videos, live work and Top Of The Pops appearances.

How did the recent tour go?

Well, great, you know, 95% sold out. Everyone gets it now. Everyone knows that Philís not going to turn out. People were not believing, but now they are.

Thin Lizzy DVD

The DVD is pretty comprehensive. Who chose the tracks?

This was a Universal / Mercury thing, so we didnít have a lot to do with choosing the tracks. But thereís videos (on the DVD) I hadnít seen in 20 years. On the whole Iím pretty happy with it.

Black Rose is a personal favourite. Itís a shame itís not on there.

This DVD really concentrates on the singles. Black Rose was awesome to do (play) but never considered too radio friendly, so we didnít do a video for it.

The DVD makes you realise how many hits and classics Thin Lizzy had.

Oh yeah, we had like 16 top 20 singles, a few more in the top 40, so itís a good reminder. It does make you realise. Back then there was no MTV, but we were always on tour anyway so whatever outlet there was would have to get a video.

What were the Highs of Thin Lizzy?

Getting Boys Are Back In Town in the American chart. It wasnít destined to be a single, but it was picked up by the radio there. Then coming back to London and selling out the Hammersmith Odeon. Feeling of being accepted. Of course many of the festivals which were great, but they all blend in. I couldnít tell you the dates of the ones we headlined.

Thin Lizzy
Thin Lizzy, Hammersmith Odeon
London 1977 © Robert Ellis - Repfoto

The live stuff epitomises your home on the road. Are you happier there?

Yes, weíre predominately a live band more than a recording band. We never got the live essence on tape, as we were more of a live band. You should be able to recreate the records on stage, which a lot of bands now canít do.

Did seeing the DVD bring back many good memories?

Physically seeing yourself moving, onstage next to Phil. And being self critical, you look at yourself, itís a judging thing.

Is there much more stuff in the vaults?

Yeah, right now this is a greatest hits DVD, weíre going to be doing a real comprehensive DVD history in the near future. Weíve got people sending in ticket stubs and everything.

Thin Lizzy
Thin Lizzy, Southampton Gaumont 1979
© Robert Ellis - Repfoto

Would you ever be open to working with other ex Thin Lizzy guitarists such as Brian, Eric, Snowy or Gary?

Well yeah. Itís a twin guitar band, but we commit to 6 months on the road at a time. These current band players are fucking serious, I depend on them. Theyíre a world class band. Theyíd have to commit.

What next for Thin Lizzy?

We get up again on 4th January 2006, which is 20 years to the day since Phil died. A huge concert set up in Dublin, followed but England, Europe and the rest of the world. Itíll be a good production.

Any message to your fans?

We have the most loyal fans in RockíníRoll. To have Phil die, and then no music for 15 years. We come out again and itís so intense. Looking forward to seeing them in 2006.

Interview © 2005 Joe Geesin

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