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Interview: Tyla (Dogs d'Amour)

Rock Stars...

The Dogs D'Amour are a band that seem to have been around forever and through line up changes have always been fronted by singer, songwriter, guitarist, poet and all round nice bloke - Tyla.

With the greatest hits collection "Heart Shaped Skulls-Best of 88-93" being released on the 25th of October, we catch up with Tyla in Spain where he now lives.

How did the popularity of grunge in the 90's affect the band?

At the time it didn't have a real affect on the band, I was a bit pissed at the time!! At a recent gig in Middlesborough women were glad to see us back as they could wear high heels again and not DMs'.

Tell me about the recent Monsters of Rock tour. Were you surprised at the reaction?

Yes, it was great in the UK but even better in Europe where we got to play for an hour and the fans attitude to the bands is so different. At Wembley we only got to play for about half an hour, and early, so as we were getting warmed up it was time to end the set.

We were surprised to be playing Wembley at this point, I never thought it would happen. We would play the Monsters of Rock again and I have been thinking of putting on a smaller version of the tour with bands like the Backyard Babies, The Wildhearts, Quireboys and the Dogs if all the bands could get on!!

The new Greatest Hits is a great collection, when can we expect a new album?

"When Bastard Goes to Hell" did well and there will be a new album and tour, with a new Dogs line-up of known musicians. It's just down to when everyone isnot busy with other projects.

You've recently worked with Dregen of the Backyard Babies, who else would you like to work with?

Producer-wise someone like Rick Rubin or Brian Eno. Musician wise the rhythm section from Audioslave.

Who are your idols/inspiration?

Rod Stewart was when I was about 15 but on meeting him he was a bit of an arse. Phil Lynott, around 1978 when the Thin Lizzy line up had Gorham, Robertson and Downey. Bill Nelson with Be Bop Deluxe and then The Rat Pack and Johnny Cash.

So what's your next move?

The Greatest Hits is out at the end of the month. Then Solo wise I have 2 releases coming up, "Mightier Than The Sword- Volume 1" which will be available in the shops and "Mightier Than The Sword- Volume 2" which will only be available from and and is gonna be in a DVD case with a poetry/lyric book included.

The Dogs will be back in the UK, hopefully before Christmas, if not by then by February, we want to do good shows in decent venues without the fans getting ripped off by ticket prices.

Have you a message for the UK fans?

Yeah, Thanks for the support - I'm spending the money wisely!!!

Interview © 2004 Nikk Gunns

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