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Single reviews: February 2012

We've listed singles/EPs/demos in order of star rating. Best first.

Reviews by David Randall


A smart press pack and a single release strategy taking the band until early summer will hopefully spread the word about this band.  Fronted by one-time Quails singer Dan Steer and hoping to imbibe the Muse-flushed waters that flow from the south-west of England.

TRD do "anthemic" so they are not a million miles from their fellow Devonians and there is enough ear candy here to satisfy even the hardiest of radio listeners. 

This reminded me of one of GRTR!'s 'Rising Stars' Public Symphony (whatever happened to, etc etc) with its slow breakbeats,  soaring chorus and electro textures.

Very promising.  *****

Review by David Randall

SEETHER Country Song (Wind-Up Records)

This South African band had great success in the USA last summer with both this single and their debut album.  Both get a UK release in Feb/March when they tour in Europe (hitting the UK on 9 March)

It's typically radio-friendly alt-rock and should appeal to lovers of Alter Bridge or Nickelback. ****

Review by David Randall

MISSING ANDY Money (Invasion Records)

MA's new album 'Generation Silenced' has been selected by HMV as part of their 'Next Big Thing' promotion.  Given HMV's share value this endorsement might be a mixed blessing.  Thankfully this Essex-based band would probably succeed in any crisis with their catchy if acerbic paean to the green stuff.  'Money' is imbued with a confident swagger and brassy tones like a more mature Madness mixed with The Divine Comedy.  ****

Review by David Randall

TOMORROW LIVES Skeletons In My Closet

Always an irritation when the promo arrives without track listing either on the CD or press release. And then the CD-R crackly. Not exactly the best start and we hope the presentation is upped when they approach labels.

Tomorrow Lives, a young four-piece from Kentucky, must have grown up on their big brother's post-1990 alt-rock records and take their cue from Seattle bands such as Alice In Chains and Nirvana. In their more upbeat moments even Metallica's ghost is evoked. This is a competent debut, and in the hands of a crack production team would all move up a notch. Probably not the next Nirvana, though. ***

Review by David Randall


We reviewed this Russian singer/guitarist a while back and this EP is another (repeat track) showcase for his talents. Evidently a songwriter of some strength, there's a feeling throughout these five tracks (plus a radio edit) that he perhaps tries a little too hard.

This is the sort of Euro-rock that you might hear on the radio when on holiday. I could see Smirnov in some sort of West End musical, as he has a flamboyant, enthusiastic delivery, but ultimately from a listening point of view he's a bit irritating. ***1/2

Review by David Randall


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