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JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR, Leicester Square Theatre, London 16 October 2012

Joanne Shaw Taylor, photo by Noel Buckley

After performing with Annie Lennox in June of this year at the Queens Diamond Jubilee concert, Joanne Shaw Taylor returned to London to perform in front of a sell out crowd at London's Leicester Square Theatre. With so many concerts on in London that night, this a quite a achievement.

Promoting her third album 'Almost Always Never' which in the year of James Bond, sounds like a Bond movie. In fact with her looks, Ms Taylor would make a great Bond girl.

Joanne Shaw Taylor, photo by Noel Buckley

Tonight's set highlighted tracks from all of Taylor's three albums, leaning heavily on the new one.

Kicking off with 'Soul Station' 'Tied & Bound' and 'Beautifully Broken' all from 'Almost Always Never' showed a growing confidence in her own ability, both as a songwriter and a performer.

All the new songs seem to be taking Taylor on a slightly different course to her two previous albums, maybe I detected a touch of prog now and again.  'Jealousy' one of the many highlights of the set is very radio friendly, a must for BBC Radio 2.

Joanne Shaw Taylor, photo by Noel Buckley

Joanne cites Jimi Hendrix as an influence on her playing, this is bore out in her version of 'Manic Depression' delivered with raw passion, her vocal and guitar playing blending into one.

With each album getting stronger and stronger Joanne is a unique talent amongst the current crop of blues rock artists.

Review and photos by Noel Buckley


Soul Station/ Tied & Bound/ Beautifully Bound/ Watch 'em Burn/ Diamonds In The Dirt/ Manic Depression/ You Should Stay I Should Go/ Almost, Always, Never/ Jealousy/ Kiss The Ground Goodbye/ Just Another Word/ Jump that Train/ Going Home.

Encores: Lose Myself To Loving You/ Dead & Gone

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