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BLAME SALLY Victoria Hotel, Menai Bridge, Anglesey
28 September 2012

Blame Sally

Having formed Blame Sally relatively late in their careers - all bar bassist Rob Strom are in their 50's - it may be that the same pressure to 'make it' doesn't exist, but whatever the reason it was a privilege to witness Blame Sally - a collaboration of four supremely talented female singer-songwriters from San Francisco - having such a 'good time' at a backwater hotel nestling across the Menai Straits on the Isle of Anglesey.

Formed in 2000, and falling somewhere in Fleetwood Mac, Sheryl Crow, and Dixie Chicks territory, their playing and vocal harmony work was exemplary, but perhaps what impressed most was the enthusiasm, good humour and togetherness of the group.

It really did bring back memories of 'better days' when the music business was more 'organic'. Their ability to manage a set on a stage the size of a large postcard without causing one another any serious damage was equally impressive.

Blame Sally

While they majored on their excellent recent releases 'Speeding Ticket And A Valentine', and 'Live At KVIE Studios', the set was essentially a 'best of' spanning their career and throwing in a new track for good measure.

Particularly worthy of note were Pam Delgado's (percussion) scorching vocal performance on 'Chain Of Fools' and 'Trouble' (to say nothing of her John Bonham like performance on the beat box) but it would be unfair to single any contributor out.

Monica Pasqual gave an equally accomplished vocal performance as well as playing some excellent keys and accordion (as well as being the 'live wire' in the pack), Jeri Jones' economical guitar playing had a wonderful 'groove' and Renee Harcourt was the archetypal folk rocker - her harmonica playing on 'Fillmore Street' lifting the number to another level.

Blame Sally

A huge amount of credit must also go to the unsung hero of the band - bass player Rob Strom, whose 6 string bass playing was sublime throughout.

But versatility was the key word of the night from the Henry Mancini treatment given to one of their hardest rocking numbers 'Countdown', the marvellous acapella moments in 'Big, Big Bed', the sweetness of Mac's 'Never Going Back Again', and the power and pace of 'Her Name Is A Knife'. Every number was a blast.

Largely unheard of to the packed audience before the gig, the band went down a storm and the consensus seemed to be 'why the hell aren't they selling out much larger venues?' I have to confess, it's a mystery - but Blame Sally are enough to restore your faith in rock 'n' roll.

Set list: Big, Big Bed / Jump Start / Bird In Hand / Love Is Our Religion / Countdown / Throw Me A Bone / Never Going Back Again / Living Without You / Parajos Sin Alas / Chain Of Fools / Constance, No More / Trouble / All Rise / La Llorna / Fillmore Street / Her Name Is A Knife / Hurricane (encore).

Review by Pete Whalley

Photos from 'Live At KVIE Studios' DVD

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